how do we fire our guild leader?

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We have a guild we like but our leader is MIA and so are two officers. Forty of us are active with 20ish level 80 and 10ish level 79. We would hate to see this fall apart. How do we get rid of our leader so we can clean out the two officers and build this thing up?


  • Lohkarr
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    Start your own.
  • Pjay
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    Did hear that a guild in this situation put a ticket in with tek support and the issue was sorted promptly.
  • Youthv2
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    Generally, in other app games, should the leader of guild/clan/alliance etc not log-in for 30 days, the leader is removed and the next standing officer gets a promotion.
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  • masters
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    One of our officers went to tech support and was granted leadership.
  • We have the same issue, our leader has not logged in for 41 days! Looks like I'm going to tech support
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