SWGoH Guild Leaders, please read

In other mobile games, it was customary for Guild leaders to maintain a LINE room to discuss GvG type events and even have a little tasteful trash talking at times. The recruiting threads on this forum have kind of exploded and are a negative impact on the Community in general. The feature isn't even out yet. However, those players seeking a Guild, Legion, Alliance, Division, Clan or whatever you want to call it are likely the heavy spenders supporting the game or those wanting to invest in a long term tenure in SWGoH. In my eyes, that's the ideal market for EA to provide longevity and enhancements to this gem. I've setup a room on the LINE app, as a very influential base of players, to hopefully help shape the future development of the game, discuss the inevitable GvG type Events, and take the negativity off these forums and onto a private platform. Therefore, if you are a leader of a Community, either posted on this forum or recruiting elsewhere, please PM me your LINE ID for an invite.
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