Please at least reduce energy requirments for battles

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I really think that 16 energy is too steep for hard levels at later levels. And 10 energy for a normal battle? I hope the devs please consider this as they are upping the level cap as it just makes the game seem like it penalizes those enjoy the game enough to level themselves. Just my opinion.


  • Producers would rather people spend $ to do things rather than "be happy" to do the same not spending. I. E, they want us buying crystals to refresh energy to do these battles at a pace not considered slower than a snail.
  • Its all relative to the amount of Instant gratification you are willing to obtain. I dont find the energy or recharge rates to be that bad, its just that some* people aren't used to grinding these sorts of games, and one and a half months into this game and people are freaking out. Why, because they aren't getting the amount of instant gratification they want, that's what money is for yay.
  • Since money isn't free, I'd advise not going wild with the energy recharges. Vote with your wallet for the change you want.
  • I can say that its a lot better than previous play4free games, check this out, they sold parts in Need for Speed World, never officially gave any instruction on what each part does or how to tune your car, this was purely left to the community to figure out on its own. On top of that the drop rate for good parts was horrendous, even if you paid for parts they dropped randomly like chromium packs. In the end I paid for tons of cars that I never got to tune to their full potential, due to poor drop trates and guesswork tuning. At least in this game they dont make you guess what gear part you may or may not need.
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    I'm not crying or whining or comparing it to other games. I just feel like 16 energy is too much. People spend money on refreshes even when the cost is 8 energy. :)
  • The only thing I can say is at least you know its the same for everyone, so if richy rich wants to blow his waud on energy refreshes instead of (insert thousands of more important things here) then let him, his life wouldn't have been much to write about, in my opinion.
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    J7000 wrote: »
    I really think that 16 energy is too steep for hard levels at later levels.
    The key to success in this game is energy management. Use up your energy on important things, move on to other energy source such as Catina and then complete your daily and GW.

    Exit the game, go out side or do other thing. After a day, log in , use up those energy and go to sleep.

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