Gear Level Frame-By-Frame Guide

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  • This is fantastic!

    For future reference, based on the appearance of the enemy in higher level LS/DS/cantina nodes, gear 12 will have the same framing as gear 11, but colored gold instead of purple. Probably subject to change, however.
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  • Will gold be because of maxed mods?
  • Seems that a lot of the gear just repeats itself so I have like 20 needing same stuff from 7 to 9 for all levels of it . is it that way for higher? Just same stuff over again
  • The colors follow an RPG's order of colors regarding the value of the loot taken in some missions. Seems to be firstly seen in Diablo and reproduced in many other RPG or MMO games. It is probably depicted as:
    White - known as "common".
    Green/Blue/Purple - following the color spectre.
    Orange - associated to "Gold", which represents the rarest kind of loot.
    The aspects of the gear frames are still a mistery for me, though.
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    The aspects are fairly easy. To make our simple, note that the left and right sides are symmetrical.

    Each gear level either advances the color to the next tier or adds a marking.

    Gear 1: White, no markings
    Gear 2: Advances to green
    Gear 3: Adds marking
    Gear 4: Advances to blue
    Gear 5: Adds marking
    Gear 6: Adds marking
    Gear 7: Advances to purple
    Gear 8: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
    Gear 9: Adds marking (connecting previous markings)
    Gear 10: Adds marking
    Gear 11: Adds marking
    Gear 12: Advances to gold

    The specific markings are not part of any established archetype that makes them easy to identify, however it does trigger some archaic notion in our minds that the more detailed something is the better it is.
  • Thank you and very helpful to me.

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    Look at the raid rewards, they follow the same colours... maybe gear 13/14 is the same as gear 11/12 but red
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