Is it too late to hoard for the next update?

Not sure how many events between now and next update. I currently only have 1mill in the bank and a few training droids.


  • It's never too late as you can always make an informed decision on where to spend hoarded credits /mats/items /whatever once the update occurs. Also depends if you need to upgrade stuff now to get needed goals, say beating gw or arena rank #1 or whatever position you could get at best with current teams. Plus we don't know your current situation from the post.
  • It's never too late to hoard. There is probably still 1-2 weeks before the update unless they decide to wait until the last minute.
  • Oh! Level 60 PVP team level 60 and VII gear. Currently creating defense team for when they add that feature.
  • Get on with the hoarding. Ive been hoarding for a while now
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