New player strategy

Ive just started playing, about 4 days now. Im not opposed to spending money on a game, but i dont want to make it a habit..

So, for other similar games ive played, the f2p or minimal spenders always had to camp out at a low level and grind out upgrades and new characters as available.. is it the same in this game? If so is there a sweet spot to camp? And a perfered method?

Thanks for the help guys


  • Well there is a level cap so given enough time you can catch up to the spenders, just depends on what level of gaming experience you wish to have, if you want to compete with the spenders in the top tiers that's one way you can find enjoyment. But if you don't wish to spend any money the only thing you miss out on is a leaderboard ranking that you can spend thousands on and they wont ever even mail you a plaque for.
  • To ask the question another way maybe.. im lvl21, i did by the droid pack, they are maxed lvl(for me) gear at L3 (max available to me atm).. now im crushing teams in arena atm.. but if i start farming doku or rey or whomever and ug to lvl30 in the process, id assume this current team will not be effective right?. So should i sit back for a while and ug my droids with arena creds?
  • Droid teams can be tough to beat.There are quite a few that wish they had bought them. If you want to go that way Poggle is a good character to farm when you can. Dooku is a hard one to farm but at the same time not a bad investment. I farmed him as part of my daily achievements ritual of 3 light 3 dark 5 hard. As for right now a f2p player can compete well with p2w, will change a bit when level cap raises but it will even back out not to long after. If you haven't yet you should search the forum on Droid teams there are several good threads on the plus/minus of playing with them.
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