Recent tweak to Galactic War tuning

Hi all –

I wanted to give an update on Galactic War tuning.

Before I get into it, I want to reiterate that the goals of this feature continue to be:
  • Provide a real challenge to players. In other words: it’s meant to be hard!
  • Provide a place in the game where your entire collection can be brought to bear. Potentially every character can help you succeed.
  • Provide a “war of attrition” where health is persisted as you progressed in battles.
  • Provide a place where there’s an ever-evolving set of challenges in terms of which characters / parties / builds can be most effective. (As more characters are released, and as more types of builds are discovered and developed by the players, this will become increasingly true.)

As you may know, we made a tuning change to Galactic War on June 15th. There were several goals of that change, and we have been monitoring in-game data and player feedback on the change. While we view that tuning update as generally successful, we were finding that it wasn’t providing enough challenge.

On June 29th we made an adjustment to the June 15th tuning to make the last few nodes more challenging. (Note that this was a tweak of the June 15th tuning, and not a roll-back to the prior tuning as some players have been suggesting.)

As always, we will continue to monitor the data and player feedback and determine if further tweaks to the tuning are needed.

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