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  • I would just like to have a record of how Galactic War has progressed, in my eyes, since the games released. So here goes...

    Nov.-Jan. -Okay, max level, GW is doable on the daily. I like this. But I do need more Credits.
    Jan-June- Not even a challenge anymore. But, still need more Credits. Ah. They should increase the credit drop and difficulty of GW a little bit. That'd make it more worthy of my time.
    June-Now- Please go back. I haven't beaten a GW in weeks. I don't even try on most days to be honest. I'm that demoralized. Using 25 7* toons, and being crushed by the same teams. Over. And over. And over again. The credit buff isn't even noticeable. Maybe it would be if I could beat it, but that's impossible. According to 50%+ of the games community.

    And thus I conclude. A brief history of Galactic War.
  • Yestarday won 2 gw/24 stage/ 55 minutes
    January player,power 38.000, paid 200$,did every gw
    First 5 stage easy so I change every important toon to get tm to Rey,QGJ,Daka,Lumi,IG86,Geo,RG,Leia.First 5 stage they did not get a scratch.
    Stun skill one of the most important.Today fight was insane.Not Rey is the worst but Anakin. Anakin,Rey,QGJ,StHan,Rg deadly combo.My arena team almost destroyed,only QGJ and Rey survived.
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  • tRRRey
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    If they literally just too RG and Rey out of GW I would be content with that.

    I mean It can take 3 rounds to kill Rey with Foresight and other annoyances. If you don't focus on her, she one-shots everyone. We can deal with RG, but my QGJ can't deal with him 3 matches in a row at the end. Survival rate is lame so that doesn't work.

    Rey also has a pretty healthy health steal, so if you do manage to deal with RG taunt, there is a good chance that Rey has Specialed someone and got back to green.

    It's a major annoyance to have to face the highest damage character with now having one of the higher life pools WITH foresight too. She either needs to lose foresight with MODS or she needs to have her base health reduced a lot.

    That's why you should use QGJ and another dispeller to deal with multiple tanks in a row. My go to tank buster is Teebo lead 66/
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  • clhs
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  • If u are gonna tell GW´s story tell it right! Prenerf - lovely, after nerf- uhm bit too easy? after buff to gw again - OMGWTFBBQ how did this happen? they add 70k to the rewards, and make it WAAAAY harder than it ever was with all the complaints.. ? Logiiiiic.
  • Galoopa
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    So from node 9 on, every team I hit had at least 6k more power than me, two tanks, Rey, and QGJ. It cost me three full good teams to get to node 11 which managed to kill my remaining three teams before I could even take the shields down on RG, after which I stopped with no one left to even dent that team. This is just ridiculous, not a challenge if you are being destroyed with no chance. I had spent a good deal of money on this game, no more. WAI, if your goal is to lose paying customers
  • Jedi Knight Anakin just one hit killed my IG-88 with full protection now that was a buff.
  • leef
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    my GW history:
    didnt know about retreat, didnt clear GW alot.
    figured out that you could retreat, cleared every GW since.
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  • tRRRey
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    Any proof of that 50%+ stat or just something you pulled out of thin air?

    And same @leef 66/
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  • My GW History:



    Complain but after the Mod nerf and somehow this GW for weeks have been easy, i truly hope it stays this way for now! so to summarize my history,

    I'm all good!

  • I never understand the gw hate. I beat it everyday most days with only one team through all 12 nodes. Very rarely I'll use a suicide squad or sub in RG.
  • We are not meeting real arena teams. I had today on done 12 a team full gear XI, I don't think it's reachable by players at the moment.
  • I don't think those are real players that you meet in GW ... more like randomly generated teams.
  • tRRRey
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    They are real players and yes gear 11 is reachable by a lot of them 66/
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  • In case nobody has said this yet -- As a long-time L80 player, here is why many of us are quitting because of GW: You changed the rules.

    Like many other players, I had difficulty with GW when I unlocked it and could not complete it, and that's fine because my roster was not strong enough. Over time, I built a roster capable of finishing. Sure, GW gets harder as your roster gets better; fine, I continued to build a broad roster capable of finishing. The game mode was difficult and required investment, but I had advanced to the point of completion on most days.

    Then you just arbitrarily changed the rules. After a couple of weeks, you changed them again. Now it's again impossible for many players to complete. Players who have already earned their stripes by building a roster that was once good enough to get it done. You just took the stripes away.

    Explain to me why I should go through all the trouble again to build a roster capable of completing GW? You'll just change the rules on us again. When you keep moving the goalposts, we have little faith that our efforts will produce the benefits we're working towards.

    You've lost the trust of much of the player base, and that is why we are leaving.
  • I think if there was a weekly reward based system for completing gw nodes, say 6n=1, 36n=6, 84n=14. And reward credits, mats and an exclusive amount of character shards that scale up. A hero not a random ewok.

    I think this will really improve the enthusiasm for gw.
  • StuGrady
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    I've refrained from posting for a while now BUT finally tonight I've felt the bite that a lot of players seem to be feeling...

    I'm not being a sore loser here, I have faced squads that should be way beyond my capabilities but have managed to crush them, albeit with a lot of blood sweat and tears in the process! Well that was until tonight... After spending another 3-4 hours on tier 12 I finally exhausted all my toons after my A squad got smashed to pieces by some ridiculously lucky & speedy RNG for the AI. I was left attempting to pick off toon at a time by what I had left in my arsenal which was no match and caused major headaches trying and retrying different formulas and tactics. But there's a limit and I hit it hard and lost a campaign for the first time in 6 months.

    The problem is that there is a huge disparity between those players that are F2P and those who are P2P and it's unfair for those of us who cannot afford to throw hundreds of pounds on a game to be facing clearly overwhelming Whale squads with ridiculous price tags! Don't get me wrong I love a challenge, love being the underdog as winning is then always that much more satisfying BUT I am literally spending hours of frustration each night trying to knock down that tier 11 and 12 and it's as simple as this... IT IS NOT FUN!? It is a massive chore and games should be about fun not chores, I go to work for that, I clean up after the kids for that! I don't sit down and pick up the iPad for that!

    Another issue, I run the Destiny guild and there are members in my guild with slightly stronger rosters and the same level who are facing weak squads on tier 12, one member said he faced level 70's with 3 stars on tier 12? How is that even possible for there to be such wild fluctuations? I haven't faced anything that weak... Ever! In fact it seems GW punishes me each time I finish, "oh you finished it? it's okay we will throw an even tougher squad at you tomorrow!" It literally feels like that!

    As a solution EA CG need to optimise GW to be unique to the player, scan their roster and calculate a well matched tier 12 that isn't too easy and not impossible either, a script can't be that difficult to develop surely? It will solve everyone's issues and everyone will get a well matched campaign to hopefully enjoy?

    My roster followed by some of the squads I've faced...










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  • You mean ... an adaptive Galactic War algorithm that changes as you go? Tailored to your remaining roster, but with built-in difficulty steps designed to challenge your remaining heroes? But with performance limits that ensure you won't be given low-level non-effort free runs for easy credits? That sounds really smart and well thought-out.
    And much too hard for them to design. Don't count on seeing that any time soon.
  • You don't think it's a lot better for the last few days?
  • StuGrady
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    For me it has progressively gotten harder every day
  • AZHighwayz
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    They were supposed to make GW less of a grind. Instead they managed to make it easier for the whales on nodes 11 and 12, and harder/more grindy for the rest of us. This mode of the game is not fun in the least.
  • Vorgen
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    It has definitely gotten easier the last few days. Also what is your arena squad power? It was rumored to be ~37.5k for u to get a cup cake node 12 but even that seems to have been lowered as I just raised my arena team to 36k+ 2 days ago and I have been getting cup cake node 12 the last two days. So maybe that new magic number is now around 35.5-36k. If your arena power is anywhere near that number, maybe u should make jumping over that threshold your top priority so u can have a much easier time with GW.
  • WAI
  • StuGrady
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    Not sure how to post pics on here so it's on my photo bucket, my roster followed by some of the squads I've faced! It was Eros I could not take down tonight, if my A squad wasn't wiped on first wave I may have done it though...
  • Put it inside img tags:
  • Aniema
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    For people like myself that finish Galatic wars in roughly 25 minutes I can't understand why people have so much trouble with it. My toons aren't special. Phasam(L),Qgj,GS,Rey and Yoda. All of them are in tier 10 gear and level 15 mods. I have spent some money but I don't consider myself a whale. I have 40 7* toons. My highest squad power is 39,500.

    So when people I see complain about Gws or certain toons like Rey for example my game mind fram kicks in. The toons I listed are free to play. Easy to get. And work great together. Its almost like I am not playing the same game as other people, but I really am so there has got to be a reason why I can easily beat things on this game and others cannot.

    OP whatever your doing. Whatever strategies your using, whatever squad your using, whatever gear your using, mods, not working. With the team I listed anyone should get through Gws everyday with no exceptions. My squad power is high enough to where I am facing the hardest teams possible. So for me to be able to finish Gws everyday within 30 minutes and for others to not be able to finish it leads me to believe peopl are doing something wrong. Too many people come to these forums to vent their frustration but hardly any of them say what teams they use, gear they use, or anything. If people would do that it would give a clearer understanding of what's going on and can help you.

    We all play this game but that doesn't mean we are all good gamers. There are some good gamers. There are some bad gamers. That's just the way it is.
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    Mario wasted so many days of my life. Wait, I think I like it though.
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  • Aniema, see above mate. I consider myself to be a very good tactician and understand strategy very well! Like I said it's the first time tonight that there has been a real problem. I do always punch above my weight, my Arena squad power is low but my rank is high usually floating around the 70-120 mark.
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