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I am extremely new to the gaming community as I don't like to idle for long. However Galaxy of Heroes has me addicted to playing every chance I get. I'm currently on level 36, is there anyone able to help with obtaining credits more frequently?


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    You might get better luck in the general or PvP forums.

    This is for guides.
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    Oh I apologize, thank you! I appreciate your help; however before I go I have a question,! I have acquired a few characters (7 lights and 7 darks) and they are from many different classes that aren't matching. When entering battle I have noticed I can use characters with leader skills. For instance, chewbacca his leadership gives 20 percent defensive boast to what specifically says ALL ALLIES which is fine. When I pick a friend's character with whom do I chose from. I will see a lot of options (people who aren't friends) and a few friends but they all have leader skills that have nothing to do with ALL ALLIES. For instance there will be scoundrels in the friends list (the leader skills boasts scoundrels) but I don't have scoundrels in my character set up (nor in character list. What do I do about this how do I gain a leadership skill benefits my team.
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