Count Doku Hindering Pass

I'm not a mathematician, thus can't explain this in detail, but have noticed that the probability of Count Doku attacking twice in a round must be wrong. At level 6 of the skill he should have 40% possibility to attack again. The probability of this occurring three times in a row are in the thousands, but I have observed that when fighting Doku basically all his attacks are double attacks (90% or more) which should be virtually impossible.


  • Sure you're no confusing bonus attacks with counter attacks+next turn? IE, he gets attacked and counters, then it is Dooku's turn next. This will ALWAYS lead to 2 attacks, and often 3 (say, 40% of the time... ;) )
    --Nud Stark--
  • Delembrian
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    edited December 2015
    No. I'm very sure as you clearly see a very nice Bonus Attack sign come up, and I know perfectly well when I attack a hero.
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