Our Only Hope (47/50) recruiting for AAT (want to do heroic soon)

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We're making the transition from normal to heroic. Still need a refresh to beat the normal raid, but it's going faster each time.

We have a great group of players at all levels from launch day players to those who are just starting to become real contributors. Our only requirement is that you contribute 2k guild bank coins per week, which is possible with no crystals spent. We have Line for those who prefer it, but also use in-game chat.

There are three open spots right now for players who can come in with a well-developed roster. Teams for at least two phases would be a plus.

If this sounds like the place for you, ally me (Balanced Force) at 134-184-928. Looking forward to meeting you!
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  • Finished the t6 today in four resets, or about twice as fast as the first time we did a t6. T5 is partway through phase 4, with another t5 or two queued up as soon as we get paid. Two or three spots open for t5/t6 players who are active and want to become t7 players.
  • Current T5 raid is in phase 2, may clear it before tonight's reset. T6 should start by tomorrow either way. Still three spots.
  • Will start a t6 tomorrow, absent EA/CG dumping a bunch of bank credits on everyone again. In that case, we probably spend down doing t5 raids with no more than one reset until a t6 empties our bank again. One spot for active player who can help us eliminate t5 from the rotation.
  • T6 phase 3 is qbout halfway done heading into our second reset. One spot open for someone who wants to start helping us transition from a t5/t6 guild to a t6/heroic and then to a heroic only. Ally me at 134-184-928.
  • Looks like one more refresh will clear our raid. We'll be starting another t6 immediately following payout. Guild leader cleared out a couple inactives, so we have three spots for players who can help get us to heroic status.
  • We've started to get to the point of doing one refresh per t6 raid. One spot open for someone who can make us a t7 guild. Ally me at 134-184-928 if you're interested.
  • Top post updated. Looking to go to heroic soon.
  • Open heroic in p4, most of phase to go with almost 23 hours to go.
  • Varlie
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    Bckling up Balanced Force's post, OOH has developed into a great guild with active members willing to provide advice and gear.
    We do regular t6 raids and are currently attempting or first heroic.

    If interested, contact BF or me (Krel Varlie: 753-175-275)
  • Just finished our first heroic, so that was nice. We'll be looking to make it to heroic for the new raid in less time than it took against the rancor, so give me a PM or ally request if you're looking to be a major part of a guild doing heroics.
  • Two spots open in a guild running heroics every 2-3 days.
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    Sent you an ally invite. Please check if my roster is good enough for your guild. Thanks!
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  • We just started our first AAT heroic within the last two hours after about four normals that died within an hour of the second refresh. Quite a few of us are doing our 2% with a single squad in p1, but we have three openings from inactives. Looking for heroic-ready playersto fill those spots and help us transition into full-time heroics. My ally code is 134-184-928, with the in-game handle of Balanced Force.
  • Hey, top post is edited. Looking for three AAT contributors as we try to eliminate the refresh from normal as a first step toward heroic.
  • We've done a merge with I Have A Bad Feeling and Straglers to create a community for all levels of players.

    Bad Feeling does hAATs regularly, while Straglers will be attempting their first soon. Our Only Hope is focusing on heroic rancors and is tbe entry guild for our community. It provides all recruits for what will soon be two hAAT guilds building toward whatever new challenge CG wants to throw at us. If you're interested in joining, please let me know. Discord will be required for any hAAT members.
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