7* Character shards

Hello Game Developers!

First I would like to say----Thanks for a Great Game! I truly enjoy this game, but there is an issue I would like to bring up. I have spent quite a bit of money in this game for characters and have amassed numerous 7* characters. The problem is that a lot of these characters have a ton of extra shards some like 248 extra for Cad Bane, Leia 191, Consular 118, Kit Fisto 125, Grand Moff Tarkin 130, ETC...ETC...ETC...I was told to go to the forums and so I am doing so. I would like some kind of feedback with what you guys plan on doing with players like myself. As of right now it is hard to put money in the game knowing I wont get character shards I need and that your random generator keeps giving me more character shards I don't need. Please have a game plan with all these extra shards as people like me have put a lot of money into this game. Ideas could be shard exchange only problem with this is that people will farm easy shards for better ones; a way around this is to introduce a few new characters that you can get only through shard exchange and the shards to get these characters could only come from certain character shards...example people would farm Luke Skywalker and a few other characters could only exchange those shards for New Character #1shards offered. Character shards from Cad Bane, and a few others characters could only be exchanged for New Character #2 shards offered...Character Shards from Leia and a few other characters could only be exchanged for New Character #3 shards offered...Just an idea...I hope you guys will figure it out and make people like me happy so we can continue to spend money in this game. Thank you again for a Great Game, and I know you guys are working hard to make it even better.

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