Limited Time Character Packs -- WHY ?!?!

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When I first started playing in December I was offered Dooku for $5.
Then, other packs... One for $50 with Barriss and others, another for $100 with Kylo Ren and Finn...

My question is-- why the **** are these packs "limited time offers" ... ?????

Last month I didn't have the extra money for the Droid Assassin pack...
Now I do, but now I can't buy it...

Why not just offer the packs indefinitely... And then as a limited time offer-- incentivize sales with discounts ...

So instead of offering Kylo Ren for 7 days for $100....
Offer him for $100 all the time and offer him for $80 for 7 days or something like that...

Wouldn't that be better...?


  • Impulse buy. Next time you know tou can't think it through. That's why most companies also offer limited time promotions.
  • I like the OP's idea, as I have seen that exact same format in many other games. EA still gets the impulse buyers PLUS those who wait. Win Win. In the current scenario - He didn't have the money, impulse or not, so they got nothing from him. Now he does and they don't offer it. They still get no money from him. Lose Lose.
  • Actually giving everybody what they want is a bad business model. It makes people spend less or not at all.
  • So you actually buy it with urgency?
  • If businesses didn't give people what they want then they wouldn't be in business. I understand staying in control of what you offer and not giving everybody everything they want but at some point you have to offer someone something they will give you money for.
  • If they left every pack offered there would be 7 or 8 plus 2 subscribe for crystals. Too many options I can't decide I won't buy any. It's one reason droid pack not a big seller when first offered. Had Dark, Jedi, Sisters or whatever Barriss pack was and Droid pack. Plus for me at least the 21 day sub. Most went with the "cheap" Dark. 2cd choice "buzz generating" with Barriss and the third "thrifty" a sub package. EA has examined the results and determined pricy buzz generating packs make the most money. If they left all of them there less Force Awakens packs would have been sold. They were upfront about it Limited Time Offer.
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    Simple: you buy it now so you wont regret not buying it when it is gone. It forces you to spend money on something you dont need, kind of like department stores offering huge discounts on a second pair of jeans or a supermarket offering a BOGO loaf of bread so you think youre getting a good deal and then throw the second in the garbage after a week.
  • See, now I'm different. I want options. I won't settle on something I'm not that interested in just because it's the only thing there. To each their own.
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    It's the reason candy is at the register in grocery stores ... Impulse buy

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    You know I've wondered that myself. I cane to the conclusion it has to do more with not polluting the game with all the same bought characters. You buy them while they offer them if not tough luck. I may be wrong thats just a guess.
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    The OP's suggestion would work exactly the same as the current 'limited time' model they use psychologically. It would add more options to buy; however, which is an improvement.

    It's the same model. The 'limited time' is now the discount price. Get it when you see it or you miss it and pay full price. The OP's model is actually a much better money making model in normal marketing practices.
  • i never had the opportunity to buy Dooku? why?
  • It won't work in the end nobody will buy anything. It will come at full price, I'll wait till it's on sale, it finally goes on sale but you see the newest most awesome pack yet and you say I wait till that one goes on sale, newest best looking guaranteed 7* Attack of the Clones R2D2 comes out. The cycle just repeats over and over and you don't spend anything or not what EA considers profitable and game dies.
  • Back to OP. The business model isn't interested in you. Who can not afford impulse purchases or rarely has spare money. They are looking to take advantage of people with impulse purchase tendencies (hence limited time offer) and those who have addictive personalities. These people will also have a line of credit that is available at all times. Sorry, but that's the model. And they'll keep developing the game as long as these types of people keep on spending money.
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