Are you looking for a new guild?

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Well, the guild I'm with is currently looking for quality over quantity. Meaning team players. We do things a tad different in the guild I'm with that rotates rewards so the same people aren't always taking the top spots and leaving others with the leftovers. Tis a few requirements.

Team as well as community. We use slack to communicate and Reddit to coordinate. Don't expect to be number one every raid. This won't happen. We have rules and rotation policies. Why? So rewards are divided up more equally. So ya gotta be able to follow the rules even if you disagree with them. Our leader is open to suggestions but may shut you down.

We don't mind bad words, just not toward one another in anger.

No nonsense. Meaning you break the rules over and over you'll be looking for a new guild. I don't say this to scare you but we have little tolerance for rule breaking just so you can get paid. Doesn't go over well... We want quality. Sure the raid leaderboard matters but it doesn't have to be your reason for breathing. Like I said, we have a well oiled system that pretty much if you finish top three it's gonna be five raids before you can finish that high again. We have that many good players and we try to be as fair as we can be.

P2P as well as F2P are welcome. Just gotta be willing to do the dailies, be close to level 80 if you're not already. We do T7s only right now so yeah, it's a good idea to have a few good toons. At least 10 toons 7* and geared well.

We aren't fans of cheaters. So, don't be like that. I can't say it enough we want quality and people who wanna be fair. Not just in it for the rewards. Guild hoppers not welcome.

Have a nice day.


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