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As a fairly new player to the game and not your usual gamer I was wondering if anyone/veterans could do a specific farming guide or atleast give me their opinion.

I've read a lot of these forums and there are some great posts including farming but they seem to be at less of a focus within the discussion - more a part of strategic plans within a table.

If somebody could string together a guide for early level players which characters to farm and farming strategies I'm sure it would be a lot of help to myself and other "noobs".

Spending Crystals - I'm not sure whether to invest my crystals on the cantina farming or into energy for normal or hard battles to gain gear and shards?

In the GW and PvP who should I invest in?

I struggle to farm gear I feel like on normal battles I can use all my energy to fill a single slot of gear for a character and the majority of the time not even be rewarded with the gear.I've hit a wall trying to progress gear past level 5 and 6..

Any help would be great. If this gets a good response and somebody produces a guide I'll delete the post.
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  • Shiro
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    In arena , you should buy darth sidious shard and in GW, buy Lumi
    if u lucky u can pull more hero from bronze pack
    This world is not of those who have money , nor of those who have power !
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    what level are you at? I could throw something together, if you could also include of list of what you have unlocked already, dont bother with gear or star levels.
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  • I kinda need help with farming too. Honestly I don't how what to think anymore. I'm level 51, and it's kind of frustrating seeing other F2P players with a lot of high level chars and level 6 gear. I've seen and heard about people who get a lot of gear, training droids, shards and even unlocks two characters per day or ascend a character up to five stars the same day they get them.

    I have currently 1.9K cantina shards, 1.5K arena tokens, 1.6K war tokens and 254 crystals. I'm aiming ATM to unlock Poe, Fives, Old Daka, FO Officer, and General Veers. Also I'm trying to ascend and gear some of my chars like Royal Guard FO Stormtrooper, Biggs and Resistance Trooper just to mention a few.

    I know it's a lot of work. A lot of char/shards, gears and training droids. But like I've said before, I've seen and heard about people who does everything I mentioned above per day and on a week or less they get results.
  • @Randall

    Thanks mate. Really kind of you.. Level 47.

    Kylo 4*
    Finn 4*
    Old Daka 4*
    Captain Phasma 4*
    Cad Bane 4*
    Savage Oppress 4*
    Mace Windu 4*
    UrroRoRo'R'R 4*
    Poe 4*
    Talia 4*
    Luke Skywalker 3*
    Jawa 3*
    Hoth Rebel 3*
    First Order Storm Trooper 3*
    Qui-Gon Jinn 2*
    Ewok Elder 2*
    First Order Pilot 2*
    Kit Fitso 2*
    Ewok Eldar 2*
    Ashoka Tona 2*
    IG-100 2*
    IG-88 1*

    I've got a few others as well but they're pretty average that's the main selection.

    I'm farming Lumi , Daka and Sidious through different crystals.

    Who do you think I should focus on getting gear for?

  • For now I would probably use

    Looks like you have had a rough start.

    Not having access to luminara or Sidious already puts you behind the ball pretty far I would say. If you want you could focus on a first order team

    Captain Phasma 4* (leader)
    Kylo 4*
    Old Daka 4* / Jedi Consular
    Luke Skywalker 3* / Sidious
    Poe 4*

    The idea being Phasma assist ability triggers from Luke will hurt, Kylo can cause healing immunity, and Daka can stun. Daka is very frail so Poe can taunt and hopefully keep her alive. Luke hitting an exposed hero with his special should put out a lot of damage. Full disclosure I dont have Poe so I cannot test this team, I have faced Poe and I dont like him.

    The real problem here is that both Poe and Daka want Cantina shards and both Kylo and Luke want cantina missions, so it would be very slow going. I noticed you didnt mention Jedi Consular, I know you have one. You could use him in place of Daka. If you do this you should replace Luke with Sidious once you have him unlocked, luke may fit better but Sidious will out star him very quickly and is a very good hero.

    If you chose that team
    Phasma gets GW shipments
    Kylo gets all Cantina energy (and buy 1 refill per day)
    Jedi Consular, do his all light/dark missions every day
    Sidious gets all your arena shipments
    Poe gets all your cantina shipments

    As for skill upgrades, any hero you use a lot feel free to get to level 3, try not to level up skills above 3 until you have clear plan in mind later on.

    As for gear, try to get the 3 you wont replace all the gear they need before you start needing purple pieces, that is the ones you need 20 of a purple component to make. After that get Daka and Luke to the same gear level. To get gear buy 2 energy refills per day, with those and only farming Jedi Consular shards you should be able to get all of those into top end blue gear in 2-3 days. After that point start working on purple gear in the order of the least likely to replace.

    Once you get gear under control you can start farming a few nodes of heroes you want (Rey, Ima-Gun, First Order Tie Pilot as possible examples). But still keep spending a lot of energy on gear or just your arena heroes. Non arena heroes get to that 1 piece before purple level gear and stay there for a long time.

    Alternatively if you dont want a first order team I would say use that team for now and farm Sidious and Luminara and sub out Phasma for Sidious and Luminara for Daka once they unlock (and get to gear 5). We would also have to come up with a replacement for Luke or Kylo, depending who you would prefer keep.
  • Kylo bundle was a waste, u could've opened chromium and unlocked useful toons like Ben or Maul
  • Legend, Cheers @Randall Just unlocked Luma now.. Am I cool to get your opinion in a couple of days once I've unlocked all gear for these players?

    @B0aty - yeah I've realised this now.
  • @Keaven - love your posts man. Read that yesterday.. Could you give me any personal advice from what characters I already have in the list above?
  • You have the right players to put together a decent turn-meter team. I slaughter Sid, Luminara, & all kinds of kickers with my squad. Try researching all their special skills, then combine a squad full of turn-meter tricks, with a leader specializing in TM advantage, and things can get really wild. I have Phasma leading Dooku, STHan,Talia, and Old Ben. I can shut down opponents with a 1500 point advantage; meaning they only get to fire, three...maybe four times.

    Try your Phasma leader (her leader skill is massive turn-meter advantage) as well as having another TM trick in her arsenal (fire her 2nd skill 1st); Talia; She has turn meter trickery as well as being your healer; Kylo synergizes with her to gain attacks, and First order Trooper synergizes with her as well as having a turn meter trick, and then you have a few different options for a fifth member...stick with a player with turn-meter skills; maybe Osaka, because she heals and has TM skills. You have a few choices out of those toons. But try it out. What happens is your opponent never gets a chance to fire. They can be really fun squads to play with.
  • Great thread @Wattsy, I've also been reading up a bunch and just looking for some good advise. @Randall and @Keavan have had great words of wisdom, any you can send my way?

    I'm Level 60, been fluctuating arena ranking 190-350ish.

    Sid 6* (Farming, Almost to 7*)
    Luminara 6* (Farming, Almost to 7*)
    Dooku 4*
    CT-5555 4* (Farming, Almost to 5*)
    Kylo 4* (Farming, Almost 5*)
    obi-Wan 4*
    Talia 4*
    Darth 4*
    Ahsoka 4*
    Chewie 4*
    Savage 4*
    Poe 3*
    Jedi Consular 3*
    Leia 3*
    Jedi Guardian 3*
    Jawa 3*
    Eeth Koth 3*
    Ugnaught 2*
    Teebo 2*
    Snowtrooper 2*
    Resistence Trooper 2*
    Qui-Gon 2*
    Kit fisto 2*
    First Order Trooper 2*
    First Order TIE Pilot 2*
    Underworld Police 2*
    Biggs 2*
    Royal Guard 2*
    Genosian Soldier 2*
    Ewok Scout 1*

    Feel like I spread myself thin to start and am now trying to refocus and wondering best farming strategy for me. Emphasis needed on best practice of spending my precious crystals, since I am F2P. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  • @Randall wondering if you could give me a little help here too on who I should be using and what I should be farming? Thanks in advance!
  • Randall
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    Surferpat wrote: »
    @Randall wondering if you could give me a little help here too on who I should be using and what I should be farming? Thanks in advance!

    Without any idea what you have I would say check this post its pretty good

    If you want to tell me what you have now we could tailor it a bit.
  • @Randall thanks for the's my lineup

    Chewie 5
    Phasma 4
    Obi 4
    Luke 4
    Jedi consular 4
    ST Han 4
    Poe 4
    Aalya 3
    Talia 4
    URoRR 4
    Ashoka 2
    Jawa 4
    Opress 3
    ST 3
    Ewok scout 2
    Greedo 2
    First order ST 3
    Res. Trooper 2
    Cad 3
    Snow trooper 2
    Royal guard 1
    Biggs 2
    Clone sgt 1
    Nightsis initiate 1
    Tie pilot 1
    Geonosian 1
    Mob enforcer 2

    Hope this helps. Looking for who to team up and where....and also who to farm, what to spend crystals on etc. thanks again!
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    You have such a large random assortment of generally lower stars it is going to take some time to get on the right track again.

    I think for Arena your best bet (for now) is
    Phasma 4
    Jedi consular 4
    Obi 4
    Poe 4
    Luke 4

    I would do
    GW= Luminara or *Phasma
    Cantina Shipments=Poe then Daka (if you need her for DS missions)
    Cantina Missions=Luke (Geonosian or *Kylo)
    Light/Dark=FOTP + Rey. Once you are done with gear or if you buy energy refills add more good heroes or ones you like. But do not farm any hero you can get from GW or cantina missions, its not worth it. The exception maybe Luminara.

    From what I have seen Poe does best with every high DPS heroes like GS, Rey, FOTP, Leia, Luke is good as well. The big problems are Rey and FOTP are very very slow to farm, GS is also very good and while Luke is good as well both want your cantina energy. At this point you more powerful for longer getting luke to 7* first and then working on GS.

    I would use Sidous as leader and get Luminara first from GW, Luminara is very strong leader for GW so this will help you clear GW.

    Team in say 2 weeks

    Team in say 2 months

    Team in say 6 months

    For GW now I would try
    (L) Phasma (replace with Luminara)
    Talia (replace with Sidous)

    *you could also focus on a first order team first and while that would be okay for arena not having Luminara would gimp your GW chances. If you do go first order take the 2 week team but swap Phasma to lead and Sidious takes Obi spot, gotta have healing immunity.

    You have some chroimums so if you dont mind spending a few $ I would get a crystal subscription if you need it to buy 2 cantina refills a day, this will help you get Poe+Luke+GS/Kylo done a lot faster and get you the T3 ability mats that you will need for ~10 heroes with 3 having leader skills leveled.

    But in general get skills for your better heroes to 3 and stop and think if you are going to use them long term to raise above 3. I only have 6 heroes with any skills over 3 currently, that is my Arena team and JC who I swap in for GW (Phasma out Luminara to lead and JC in the empty spot)
  • @Randall thank you for taking the time to figure all that out for me. I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how it's going!
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    There is some great information on this board. All of you have enlightened me with your extensive knowledge of this game. I have been going along aimlessly adding to all characters instead of focusing on leveling specific ones and am hopelessly behind. I am level 56 and the closest I have come to winning GW was beating level 10. My current characters are as follows with attack and abilities -
    5* Cad Bane 3 4 4 4
    5 Sidious 4 5 5 5
    5* Tarkin 3 3 3 4
    5* JC 3 4 4
    5 * Kylo 3 3 3 3
    5* Daka 3 4 4 5
    5* Lumi 3 4 4 4
    4* Fives 3 3 3 3
    4* Chewy 2 2 x 2
    4* Jawa, 3* Talia, 4* Mace, 3* Aayla, 3* IG88, 2* Tano,
    4* Phasma 2 2 2 3
    4* Qui Gon 1 1 1 x
    4* IG86, 4* HK-47, 3* Jedi Knight Guardian, 3* Geonosian soldier, 2* Royal guard,
    4* Poe 1 2 2 1
    4* Maul
    3* fo stormtrooper, 2* Greedo, 3* Clone sergeant, 4* snowtrooper, 4* ewok elder, 3* ewok scout
    4* Gunray 1 1 x x
    4* Vader 1 1 x x
    4* Datcha, 4* Ima-Gun Di, 4* Poggle, 3* Eeth Koth, 3* fo officer, 3* hoth rebel scout, 3* IG100
    3* nightsister initiate, 3* Leia, 3* resistance pilot, 3* stormtrooper, 3* Teebo
    2* Biggs, croissant underworld, tie pilot, Kit fisto, nightsister acolyte & Ugnaught.

    I have 45 of 50 asajj shards, 55 of 80 Finn, 33 of 50 Dooku, 32 of 50 Luke, 31 of 50 Savage and many others that I am still far from having enough shards to unlock.

    My method has been a total cluster****. I need some help getting some kind of system going. Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated. I get my butt kicked in many arena battles and going after the healer first must certainly be the wrong move. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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  • Forgot to mention gear level is 6 for Cad, Tarkin, JC, Kylo & Daka and 7 for Sidious & Lumi
  • Randall
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    I would probably go
    5 Sidious 4 5 5 5
    5 * Kylo 3 3 3 3
    5* Lumi 3 4 4 4
    3* Geonosian soldier,
    4* Poe 1 2 2 1

    Going forward farm
    Cantina Missions= GS (try to use 2 refills per day)
    Cantina Shipments=Poe
    LS/DS=Rey & FOTP. Feel free to farm more if you have good level gear or if you can afford refills
  • Thank you so much for the reply. I have been using Cad, Lumi, Daka, Sid & JC or Tarkin. It has gotten me nowhere. I usually use refills up to the 400 buy in point and then Wait for the next day resets. I had been doing 3 or 6 chances for Rey, Daka, Dooku, Stormtrooper, Lumi, JC, fives, & Anakin. Usually 4 or 5 refills. I went for Lumi, Dooku & Kylo in the other 3. Would I be better off using the refills to try for gear and ability upgrades on the normal settings than trying for so many of the other shards on hard level? As I said I had no method to my use of crystals or gameplay. Should I be using the same characters in both arena and GW? Thanks again!
  • Randall
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    As far as refills go it is your money spend it how you want, but I wouldn't do regular missions for Daka, Stormtrooper, fives, or JC. And at this point you are probably better waiting until Dooku opens in cantina. Honestly you wont get Dooku high enough stars to be usable before you reach level 69.

    My Dooku is in my Arena team because I bought him at release and have been farming him since early I am not going to stop now, but I wouldnt suggest starting for other people.

    As far as gear vs shards
    Both will take a while to farm and while you want the best gear ASAP if you dont start long farms like Rey until after you get gear and you switch out your top heroes and then have to gear them it will be July before you have her unlocked. I buy 2 refills am farming Count Dooku, FOTP, Rey and Poe and the rest I am putting to gear.

    In arena I dont believe its worth running more than 1 healer these days but in GW you have to run 2 and a lot of people say to use 3.

    for GW I would run
    ewok elder/Qui Gon (I dont have either so try them both)

    For why I picked those (well 4/5) the reason is here while the tips and tricks are no longer useful.
  • Thank you so much again. I feel like I am finally moving in just one direction instead of a bunch of random turns. Would abilities or gear affect the overall power of a character more? I won my first GW today. It is funny that I didn't run up against any mid 60's level teams that was 10 levels higher than me. I have started farming & training GS and Poe. It is difficult to have to choose Kylo or GS from the cantina shipments. I will stop trying to get Dooku shards and keep buying the Rey shards. May save me a bit of crystals each day. My drop rate has been pretty atrocious lately and I still haven't made it through stage 6 of the ls/ds battles. My ls team is so poor that even with a high powered ally I can't beat many levels. Perhaps Poe will be able to help me eventually.
  • Randall
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    Gear has a large effect on overall power but some ability levels add say 15% damage or some new cool extra effect those are important as well. The 5% damage upgrades you will want to get for your arena heroes because every little bit can make a difference there.
  • I guess I need to upgrade both as much as possible. Since abilities are mostly upgraded in the cantina and gear is mostly upgraded in the ls/ds then I don't have to prioritize as much as choosing gear or shards. I just need to pick a few characters and stick to them until I get them maxed. Thanks again for all your help.
  • @Randall does having qui-gon jin available through cantina shipments change anything up? Or stick to harvesting Poe through shipments?
  • Randall
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    Until Poe is nerfed go Poe. QGJ wouldnt be a bad hero to go with second after Poe assuming you dont need Daka for DS missions. They will hopefully be adding more good Jedi in the update.
  • Randall looks like you have made alot of people's gaming experience A lot more enjoyable. I just recently started playing and dreed making the wrong moves.
    I'm wondering who to grind out next. Rey? Luminara, Dooku. I want to be useful in guild. Not to concerned with arena unless I need to be.

    4* chewy lvl21
    3* JC. Lvl21
    3* talks lvl19
    3*jawa lvl 14
    1*Clone sarg,ewok scout,snow troop,royal g,ig86
    Thanks in advance for the help.
  • Waqui
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    The guides section is your friend. Page one has the guides you're looking for.
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