Old Ben...

So, doing my galactic war and I'm currently lvl 47. Still haven't won one but I am on 10 without losing any toons. The team is all level 57/58 but I manage to whittle them down only losing my Chewie. So it's only Ben left. I attack him with a full 5 and he dodges all 5... He attacks and takes out my IG-86. I'm like meh and carry on, he dodges 3 of the next 5 and then kills my 4 star Geonosian Soldier. I beat him but lost two of my hard hitting toons.

Has anyone else had this with Ben, I haven't faced him much so I don't know about him? Or is it just the rigged GW AI xD


  • Nonemo
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    Old Ben is dodgy as all heck. And when he's alone, I suspect his leadership ability kicks in, meaning he dodges even more. Add to that his ten levels superiority and I'm not really surprised. Sorry about your team. You can force close the app and try again if you lose too many heroes. Puts you back to the beginning of the fight again.
  • Qeltar
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    Just bad luck. Also, was Lumi the leader on this squad by any chance? Once she is dead, retreat and re-enter, and I believe he won't have her extra dodge bonus. Not 100% sure of that though.
    Best counter to Old Ben is Dooku, who can single-handedly keep him tied up for an entire match. When I see Old Ben, Dooku stays on him for the entire fight.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • CronozNL
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    Looks mainly a gear/rank/lvl issue. Rank 4 geno soldier vs probably close to maxed out Ben.
    Remember obi wan took a lot of them out during AotC :)
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  • Update: Went on to win so I'm much happier now, first of many wins hopefully
  • WhipiT
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    Old Ben is a very defensive character. I use him in my GW everyday and he does dodge a lot even on offense granted I use Lumi as lead. Perfectly plausable that RNG put him on a dodge streak. Fear Ben lol. I love that old guy.
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