Finally did it!

finally beat galactic war for the first time, Sidious died my only 7 star died after round 7 and then it actually got easier :S


  • shimmy
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    Congrats!! I also just finally beat it and am shocked since I never thought I would given I will always be behind the top/pay to play users.
  • shockingly i've never beaten it till today but i've been anywhere from rank 1-100 in arena
  • Ztyle
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    Gratz @Darth_Allycode :star::star::star:
    think your investment in pvp are the reason, pvp are fast fights and GW slow fights(not that it can't be over with fast), that is why I never do one after the other
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  • Im running phasma, sidious, jc, chewee, talia and cant progress after 7th wave sometimes 5th. No matter how i do it even with tactical retreat still die. I guess GW will be easier once i unlock more people.
    Qui-Gon progress in cantina currently 4* gear lvl 7.
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