Optimizing pvp squad. Opinions apreciated

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Hello, I just started playing SWGOH, and I've managed to get a few goodies, and now I'm looking to top my pvp setup.
Since it's abit of a job to max characters, I really would appreciate a few pointers on wich characters to focus on.

Per date I use; Chewbacca (Leader), Obi-Wan, Leia, Luminara, Talia.
I think it's a good enough team, but I'm starting to struggle against the top rankings.

Anyway.. I tempted to fix a decent jedi team.
But is it optimal? Or can I fix a better team with; a) Get a new character that macthes those I already have better, or b) Mix a allround team of those I already have.

List of my characters below.

In advance, thanks alot for you feedback!
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