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I had an idea for a new guild feature that I think players would love, that could be implemented using existing game mechanics to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Currently, there is no good way to experiment with arena team builds without risking losing rank. You can try a new team build live in the arena, but if it is bad you can set yourself back for days worth of fighting to reattain your rank.

Also, within guilds, people often talk with guildmates about new team builds, but there is no way to test anything. You can talk about what MIGHT be an effective team, but guildmates are frequently in different shards and there is no way to test the builds amongst friends or try anything out.

I think it would be great to add a training area to the guild screen with two modes:
1 - Guild Dojo - This would function just like the arena for guildmates, but would have no rewards and unlimited plays. Basically, just a place for guildmates to set a lineup and let everyone else to try to beat it and give feedback. This would be a great way to test strategies without blowing your points or rank for the day.
2 - King of the Hill - Similar to #1, bit there is one player (the leader/king) that sets their team and everyone else tries to beat it. The system could allow each player to wager a set, minor amount of their personal guild coins (maybe 25 or 50) each try. To play, you place your wager and attack the current leader/king. If you win, you double your coins (from the leader's stash) and take the leader's place as the king (until beaten by someone else). If you lose, the leader keeps the coins. This wouldnt unbalance the game because it doesnt create any new currency, it just lets guildmates battle for bragging a friendly poker game. If you keep the bet amount low and level (ie no raises or increases in bet) it also wouldnt penalize players much for playing. Just a little something to make the contest mean something.

I think these two modes would be a great addition to let players experiment with builds, interact with guildmates, and pass the time when they run out of energy for the day.


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    I think sparring with guild mates with no reward, and unlimited attempts is a great idea.

    As for King of the hill, I personally wouldn't participate. My guild coins are for good use. Though, in higher guilds, I would see it as a way to exploit power Lvling, as it were. But even then, doubt anyone would want to wager a fight with guild mate and lose out on getting geared 9+
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    I'm not sure King of the Hill would work. My guild has a wide range of player level. I myself am lvl 80 but there are players in the 40's and 50's in my guild that would not want to lose any currency by attempting to beat my squad. Only the other lvl 80's and some of the high 70's would be able to compete. It's a good idea but I don't think it would work out how you want it to
  • Daker
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    That is a good point on the guild level member issue. They have a similar issue with the Galactic War, and they fix it by using some function to make the levels of the characters scale to appropriate level. Maybe they could use to same function so that the king of the hill is fair.
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    Global auction house /by server or by world...with limited non premium non shards items ofc
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