Game Update - 7/6/2016

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Here are the update notes for today.

  • Limited time Galactic Gear Pack – Need extra gear to get your remaining character ready for Raids? The Galactic Gear Pack is now in the Store! For a limited time you can get the gear you need, and have a chance to get exclusive Raid Gear. This pack is available for 660 Crystals and may be purchased up to 3 times a day. These packs will only be available until July 11th.
  • For the next 7 days you can now refresh the Shard Shop with CRYSTALS. During this time you can purchase exclusive Raid Gear in addition to General Grievous and random character shards. This Event ends on July 11th.
  • A new Booster Pack is available during each Grand Master Yoda event, the Jedi Order Bundle. This bundle is priced at $59.99 US dollars and includes:
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) 4-Star
    • Jedi Knight Anakin 4-Star
    • 25 Qui-Gon Jinn shards
    • 25 Jedi Consular shards
    • 25 Jedi Knight Guardian shards
    • 30 3-Star Training Droids
    • 1,000,000 Credits
    • 40 Ability Material Mk I
    • 20 Ability Material Mk II
    • 10 Ability Material Mk III
  • 3 new achievements have been added to the game (and will be retroactively awarded to those who already meet the requirements):
    • Guild Raider: Finish 5 Raids
    • Guild Earner: Earn 5000 total Guild Currency
    • Guild Contributor: Contribute 10000 Guild Bank Currency
  • Pass the summer days with the 2 Day Double Drop Event! For July 6th and 7th, rewards will be doubled (excluding XP, Crystals and First time rewards) for all Cantina Battles! UPDATE: this event will now run for 48 hours from the time the update went live

  • The Grandmaster's Training event has been reset to its initial value of each 2nd Thursday in a given month. This change is to return the event to its initial values, following the cancellation of the Force Champions events.
  • Fixed a bug where Talia's Water of Life ability does not drain health from the caster when this ability is a mission-specific ability
  • Fixed a bug where Luminara's Master Healer's Blessing is not healing the user's squad when used as a mission-specific ability
  • Fixed a bug where General Grievous’ lightsaber slightly ignites the air after performing his special ability on specific backgrounds
  • Fixed a bug where units with active foresight buff can dodge all extra attacks from Chief Chirpa's Tribal Unity ability
  • Kamino Landing Platform ground texture has been udpated
  • Messaging on the "Defeat" screen has been updated to be less repetitive
  • Fix an issue with hero descriptions being cut off in the "Borrow a Hero" screen
  • Fixed an issue with the Sim Tickets number overlapping the energy icon
  • IG-88's "Rapid Fire" ability block now retains the Ability Block icon for 1 turn
  • Fixed an issue with the Merit Token quantity overlapping the Close button
  • Fixed an issue with the cost for changing the player name not fitting in the Confirm button
  • Fixed an issue with the Training Droids and Ability materials being displayed in a higher brightness state
  • Fixed an issue in several localizations where text was being overlapped by badging in the Store
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