Video: My Run to Arena #1 - Level 60



  • Nice Video Tiny!
  • Either way, Great Video Tiny! :)
  • I thought I would report on my experiment. I just tried the experiment mentioned above. It was essentially the exact same scenario. I did a Sid AOE, which as predicted did not do enough damage to kill the opponent's Sidious. Then shortly after everyone was healed to full health from Luminara. I barely escaped that battle. The bottom line is, not all approaches are good for all lineups. My lineup is more sustain than burst. Thus, I often cannot burst Sid down before the heals come. Thus, healing immunity is incredibly useful. The moral of the story is: know what strategy works with your lineup. I will continue to experiment and try to find more spots to use Sid's AOE. But for my lineup, the healing immunity, and focusing down Sid quick to avoid his, is often critical.
  • Anyone that doesn't adapt their approach depending upon the situation is not going to be the best player they can be.
  • I love how you're all telling him that he done the wrong thing..... But he took rank 1...... And won all the battles..... By a lot.....
  • Lol exactly. He used his own choices to become Number 1 and still people are saying he is wrong hahah...what nonsense
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