I'm recruiting for my guild

I am in a tier 3 raid now but I'm not getting much help from my teammates. I am level 76 and looking to recruit people at least at level 50. I play Everyday and have a team of Heavy Hitters. If you would like to join my guild. My Ally code is 643-643-468. Send me a request in game and I'll send you an invite. I'm at the second stage right now


  • Would u be willing to merge guilds or join ours when ur raid is done. We will be starting a tier 4 raid this weekend. Let me know what u think ok.
  • How many members do you have? I have three Active members in my guild.
  • There are 5 or 6 active members in my guild. We are going to merge with another guild of 10 after we finish up our raid tho. You and ur guys are more than welcome to join up. Let me know what u think onlytony.
  • Ken
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    What levels are your players?
  • So my guild has about 25 members, ranging from 36-75(mostly above 50 though). The minimum join level is 45 (the ones lower were exceptions based on member recommendations). We're currently alternating tier 3 and 4 raids, and would be happy to expand our numbers. I had a lenient weekly contribution requirement, but now that they changed the way coins are earned it seems like a lot of work to find the weekly for everyone.
    Hit me up either here or you can add me to your ally list I invite any unaffiliated players 592-141-859
    p.s as of writing this we just started a tier 4 raid
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