When to stop leveling JC?

So I'm sure the discussion title is pretty self explanatory, but the question I am asking is when should I stop leveling/going for shards for JC if at all?



  • I got him to 6* And I dont regret it. He hits hard, his heal is great. I'm not doing 7* as he might get worse after the cap increase, but safe to say he is valuable at 5/6*
  • He will suck when the next patch which increases us to 70 hits but until then he can keep you in the top arena stops if you're f2p.
  • Abyss
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    Never, keep him current always. Hes more beneficial in general then not
  • Qeltar
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    I stopped at 5* on purpose. I don't use him in PvP and he's a secondary healer in GW. As a secondary healer, he does enough healing already at 5*, and I got his cooldown on his heal to 3. I don't want him to hit any harder, because 90% of the time when he is in the game, what I am going for is to drag it out as long as possible.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • radzik2908
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    What is JC?
    Aaa ok, Jedi Consular
  • JoshG
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    I got him to 4* and called it good. He is just a secondary healer for GW imo. I keep his lvl/gear current, but no more stars for now.
  • i am a free to player and so i can't build a team with full sinergies so Tomorrow i will have him at 60lev 7* (2 shards need) I still use him in arena, he hits quite hard and is a solid charachter, great hp.. I absolute need him in my Galaxy wars without him the wars will be to difficult.
  • You can stop at 7* and gear 7. He is still a good character. Just because he's a freebie, doesn't mean he's worthless. Lumi is an upgrade in just about every area, but he's no slouch by any means.
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