Jedi Konsul or talia

Hey Guys,

i wanted to play with 2 healers .
my first healer is lumi and my sec healer should be jedi konsul or talia.
for my opinion i think talia is much stronger but the debuff at her heal isnt cool.
But when i heal first with talia and then with Lumi it should be ok..and talia is better against the imperium like doku or the other jedi slayer

i complete my team with
Doku Kylo and Phasma(lead)

sry for my bad english=)

tell me what u think about it


  • Jedi Consular is vastly superior to Talia, especially once you start leveling up his abilities. His Saber strike can reduce all his cooldowns by -1, and his Jedi Healing receives additional -1 cooldown reductions as well. What this means is by leveraging his Saber Stike (basic attack) you can use Jedi Healing every other round. His Attack as Defense ability gets a chance to ignore all enemy defenses as well, which means it can do massive damage. I regularly do more than 4k with it, plus it heals him. He also has a large health meter, much more than Luminara, and more survivability as a consequence.

    Talia is okay in a pinch, especially as a throwaway hero for Galaxy Conquest battles, since her heal pretty much ends up getting her killed, but can still be useful in keeping more valuable heroes alive. But she doesn't keep pace with other heroes, so don't waste a lot of resources on her.
  • The Consul will help you in all aspects of the game other than the DS challenges.
  • 7* talia will be much more stronger than jc, when she deal 2~3k damage and self heal better than sid. And her healing gains turn meter.i rank top t in my server and seldomly see anyone using jc. Sometimes lumi got stuned amd killed by dooku before she heal or attack
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    I have Talia (7 star) in my team and she will be replaced as soon as I have Old Daka levelled. I levelled her through before Jedi Consular.

    She's the quickest dark side healer to level (with a group heal). With her levelled I found the dark side missions easy and you need them to gear your charactors.

    I'm also hedging my bets, I believe she'll get better and better the higher you level her going forward. It's obvious to me that her health reduction, when she heals, will get less and less the higher you level 'water of life'

    That said Lumi/Talia is a weak pairing of healers, not forgetting that Lumi isn't actually a healer, she's an attacker with awesome healing. Your defence in PVP will be very weak as it currently stands.

    So which to level first.....hmm.... Difficult but with your current team probably Jedi Consular first, you will want him in your team and would look to replace Talia. But don't write her off, she's good. I currently have Tana, Talia, Lumi, Jedi Consular and Ventress. Never been out of the top 50 scoring. Currently 19th, yesterday was 10th. Also never spend cystals trying to get to number 1. If I did I could probably get top 5 pretty easy.

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