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In the hopes for helping out my fellow F2P players, I'd like to advocate. Currently there are only a handful of Scoundrel type characters available to us. All players get Chewbacca to start the game. All players received Dengar from the login rewards, as long as they logged in every day. Other than that, players must spend resources on other Scoundrels. Lando Calrissian and Cad Bane were recently made available through Cantina battles and Galactic War shipments respectively, which greatly improve the availability to your Free player base. I appreciate these decisions, indeed, I've recently farmed each of these characters. I was fortunate enough to be able to dedicate my time to these characters. Most other free players are not in my position where they can shift their attention to obscure characters for the sake of the Credit Heist event, which is obviously a very important event for the F2P base in particular.

What is the likelihood that you might consider adding the Scoundrel tag to other characters? Stormtrooper Han and IG-88 being two highly logical candidates.


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    Jup st han will be good scroundel, but why ig 88?
  • Czert wrote: »
    Jup st han will be good scroundel, but why ig 88?

    There's a trend in the game as is where Bounty Hunters are included in the Scoundrel category. IG-88 was an assassin droid that was also an infamous bounty hunter, even rivaling Boba Fett. It would be nice if he were a Scoundrel Droid.

    ST Han would be a good scoundrel as well, as that particular "version" of Han Solo is still very much in the infancy of his involvement with the Rebellion, even abandoning the rebellion shortly thereafter only to come back in the nick of time to save Luke and aid in the destruction of the Death Star. Essentially a free-lancer, still very much a scoundrel in the Star Wars universe.
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    First off thank you for the 350k credits sent to the inbox it's appreciated and makes me feel like someone listened.

    Czert wrote: »
    Jup st han will be good scroundel, but why ig 88?

    There is a star wars book called tales of the Bounty Hunters edited by Kevin j. Anderson it has about 15 short storys in it this is where i first heard about dengar also he has a bunch of advanced equipment implanted In his head to hear and see further anyways. I.g.c88 A.I. becomes self aware and kills it's own creators who I beleive work for as top secret part of the empire. Anyways he duplicates himself 4 times I beleive. it's been like a year since I read it I.G. 88 A,B,C etc... on planet bespin what u don't see in the movie is Fett Knows I.G. B is following him so he lowers him down into the basement and destroyed him no more ig-88 B you have to read the book or find out online what happens to the rest of them what I wonder is where does HK come from and I was surprised they made a character out Of Zam I thought there were so many other characters they could have put in the game that would have been a lot more notable and a lot more relevant for example I could go on and on about different Sith and Jedi.
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  • @PhightinPhantom HK-47 was created by Darth Revan after the mandalorian wars according to Knights of the Old Republic lore. He was an assassin droid created to hunt enemies of the sith.
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