Team help

Is a good team this:

Lumi 5* ( Lead )
Hk47 4*
Dooku 4*
Geo Soldier 4*

Please help me


  • You do not have other jedi, dooku is better as leader. Do not stop farming him.

    I think hk47 doesn't belong there. Sid, 88,more suitable & from same shipment.
  • I have Eeth Koth 5*, then: dooku lead, ig88 , geo sold, lumi and poe?
  • For now the best you can do is this

    88 (lead) Poe geo solider Dooku Lumi.

    You should start farming 86 if you want a droid team

    HK 88 86 Poe geo solider

    Or you can start farming Sid to build

    Sid 88 Poe geo Dooku

    Both teams are great
  • I also have Darth Fener .. What do u think about this team

    Sidious Poe Hk47 Fener Lumi

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