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What happened this week?

Some additional notes
  • We recently made some changes to Galactic War, if you haven’t already read it please see the note from Executive Producer John Salera.
  • We will continue to adjust Galactic War as needed, but there are currently no plans to make any additional changes in the near future. We will be addressing a bug that appears for high powered teams where the final node is a very weak team for them, this should be fixed in an update in the near future.
  • We recently had a number of bugs that were introduced through the updates we’ve done. We’re doing a lot of behind the scene changes that will improve the overall quality of the game, but these changes unfortunately introduced some bugs that needed to be addressed. Once our next major update arrives (next week!) you’ll be able to see firsthand the improvements we’ve made.
  • Due to the recent issues that came up with Guilds having their raids end early we will be looking at ways to help out Guilds that had this problem. This will likely be Guild Bank Currency sent to Guild Leaders, but this decision will not be finalized until next week.
  • We moved the Grand Master Yoda event to 7/7/2016 instead of 7/14/2016 like we had mentioned in the 7/6/2016 update notes.

What’s coming next week?

Next week will introduce our next major update which features Mods, an exciting new way to customize the stats of your characters. We’re aiming for this update to be available for manual download on 7/12/2016 from either the App Store or Google Play, and then fully pushing out to all players automatically on 7/13/2016. Let’s take a closer look at all of the features in this update!

EDIT: The below notes are for the update coming during the week of 7/11/2016, they are not live in game yet.

New Features-
Mods are our newest feature that allows customization of character stats
  • Mods provide a significant boost to the stats of a character
  • Mods have a Rarity, which does not change and can range from 1 to 7
  • There are 6 Mod slots on each character and each Mod is associated with a particular slot (ex. A "Stabilizer" Mod can only be assigned to the "Stabilizer" slot)
  • Each Mod is associated with a particular set (ex. Health Mod OR Speed Mod)
  • A Mod has a primary stat and up to 4 secondary stats
  • Mods have a level that can be increased to level 15
  • Mods have a tier which determines the number of secondary stats currently on a Mod
  • The first location to earn Mods is through Mod Battles, which unlocks at level 50
  • Each stage is associated with a particular Mod set (ex. Stage 1 = Health Mods)
  • There are 7 nodes on each stage, one for each of the 6 slots and a 7th node where random slot is earned
  • Rarity 1 and 2 Mods are earned from Mod Battles with node 7 providing the best opportunity for Rarity 2 Mods
  • There initially will be 8 stages, each with its own unique Mod set
  • There are no character restrictions in Mod Battles
  • Cantina energy is used for Mod Battles and in addition to earning Mods, all Cantina Battles rewards are also earnable (ex. Ability Mats and Cantina Currency)
  • The Character Details screen has been updated to incorporate Mods.
  • Rearrangement of elements to incorporate Mods (Ex. Character name and categories included in the HUD)
  • Training XP reflects XP needed for next level
  • Detailed Stats (button at bottom of character details) has been updated to better explain stats
  • A character must be at level 50 to assign Mods)

Mod Management

The Mod Management screen is where Mods can be equipped on a character
  • The inventory of Mods can be viewed
  • Character stats can be viewed
  • Mods can be assigned and removed with each action displaying the impact on the character's stats. This allows rearranging the Mods as desired prior to confirming changes. (Removing a Mod costs credits on confirmation)

Set Bonus & Max Set bonus

Assigning multiple Mods of the same Set to a character will provide a Set Bonus
  • Some Sets require 2 assigned Mods and others require 4
  • Up to 3 Sets can be active at a time
  • A Max Set Bonus can be earned when all Mods in a Set are at max level (level 15)

Selling Mods
  • In the Sell screen, Mods can be sold for credits
  • A variety of filters are available to quickly identify and select all Mods that need to be sold

Upgrading Mods
Mods can be upgraded to become more powerful
  • Mods can reach up to level 15
  • Each level up increases the primary stat on the Mod
  • At levels 3, 6, 9, and 12, a secondary stat will be added or an existing secondary stat will be increased
  • Mods are upgraded by spending credits to increase the XP of the Mod.
  • It is possible to recieve a large XP boost immediately upgrading the Mod's level.
  • To prevent highly valuable Mods from being sold or destroyed, Mods can be locked

  • The Ally Cap has been raised to 50 to enable being an ally with every member in your Guild
  • The skip button appears earlier in the pack opening flow
  • When the flow is complete, there is a button that allows immediately purchasing another pack
  • To expedite Guild related activities, a button has been added to the Home screen HUD to jump directly to Guild Home
  • When a Raid is active the button will display the active Raid
  • For players looking to optimize their Guild Activity contribution, the next guild activity is surfaced in the Guild Activities screen
  • Dark Side Character shards are now differentiated by having a red background to contrast the blue background for light side character shards

  • Characters can no longer Dodge while Stunned
  • Stunned enemies would sometimes hang the application if a character was killed just before a stunned character's turn, this has been fixed
  • Gear items which are present in guild shipments will now display in the find flow
  • When two players started a battle with the same rank opponent at the same time, the second player was stuck in a loading loop
  • Closing the app on the defeat screen of galactic war was allowing the squad to be used again, this is no longer possible
  • Cantina Credit Currency was not able to be tapped in Cantina Shipments
  • Having multiple inbox messages was causing some messages to display in a different font
  • Find flow was not showing shards from Daily Login
  • The "Daily Gear Collection" Daily Activity didn't have a go button to take the player to characters screen
  • The Gamorrean Guard Muscle In special ability, was not consistent when it granted Protection
  • There were a few abilities which would cause the manual target to switch without any player input. (Ex. Yoda's buff steal AoE ability would cause this to happen)
  • The Equipment-Used-By Feature would not always display the correct characters that need the Equipment

And more! I'll be posting the full update notes early next week, which will include the additional changes to Geonosian Spy and Zam Wesell and many other bug fixes.
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