Dodging in GW!!!

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I'm posting this in General because I've said enough about it in Bugs and Issues, and it seems everyone is complaining about GW, but not this particular issue. I'd be fine with the difficulty level as it stands right now except for one thing: why does every enemy character have Evasion like they're Luminara: Hulk Edition? I've never seen Sidious dodge so many attacks (mine sure doesn't) anywhere else. Does he get a little invisible Evasion buff symbol that we can't see? What reason does he have for having such high evasion in the GW alone? I am literally landing %50 of my blows, and against toons that my lvl80, 7*, gear VIII/IX core team would otherwise crush. I understand the point is to be challenging, but making things hard just to be hard is pointless and unfair. We choose our teams based on our toons' abilities and synergies (cmon, you know this) against our opponent's supposed stats. But a tried and true tactic that works %95 of the time elsewhere is rejected like a mouse in an outhouse here. The way GW plays is like some six year old saying, "Nuh uh, my broomstick beats your rocket launcher! Yes it does! Neener neener la la la I can't hear you!" And so we're all walking away in utter frustration because, how do you respond to that? (Parents, please, that was a rhetorical question.) When the game doesn't follow its own rules, it's time to leave the game. Look, I want to believe it's a bug. I really do. So prove it and fix this dodging issue so those that are struggling with their GWs and don't know why may find that they no longer have a complaint. Thank you for listening to us.

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  • Iep, nowadays game developers seem to don't know how to make a game "hard" except by cheating the players.
    Sometimes is not the Evasion but Rey crushing you full life as if she was part rancor or something, some other times is... just anything, really.

    Please devs, we know is hard to make a game difficult but follow your own rules and don't cheat us, is sloppy work.

  • I've noticed this as well. But it doesn't seem to be isolated to GW, or to evasion for that matter. I've had it happen in pvp. I've also had raid bosses resist every negative effect chance for 4-5 rounds at a time. I definitely think there's a hidden buff mechanic in play. It would be great if it was at least explained so we could account for it, other than just being constantly frustrated by these otherwise inexplicable RNG streaks.
  • The dodge factor is heavily over worked. I mean i have had an Old Ben dodge me no **** two full rounds of attacks and for **** sakes one of them is my Leia who tripple attacked both times and every one missed. I just about slammed my phone against the wall. Hope they adjust it soon.
  • Yeah, thank God for gorilla glass. JS.
  • Lol yeah its real frustrating, especially when my squad all across the board rates higher, I see my gear has an upper hand in level and im higher level. To have soooooo many dodges makes little to no sense
  • Once in a raid, I had Vader force crush for a full three dots, 86 dropped the door on the rancor, Talia added a dot, 88 added a heal debuff, and 100 added a debuff for a full 6 negs. Vader's culling blade would then crit for a whopping- NOPE! Sorry. Rancor somehow managed to dodge culling blade while pinned to the ground. Almost quit right there.
  • Dodge!
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