Just a little thank you note

At the risk of sounding like the class kiss-up, I'd like to give the developers and forum moderators a heartfelt thank you from this fan, speaking on behalf of anyone here who feels the same way.

Yes, this game has issues (though not many), and yes, sometimes it's hard to understand, as a player, the motivations of its creators and the company. Heaven knows I have been as vocal as the next wookie about certain issues, and sometimes in a knee-jerky way. But this game is your labor of love, and you've clearly put a lot of thought and effort into it, and produced a fine piece of entertainment, one for us fanboy nerds and casual gamers alike. I've been playing this game since it went live in the Google Play store. I haven't stuck with a mobile game this long since the original Angry Birds. Though I've been frustrated at times (who hasn't?), I just can't put this bad boy down. So, in a sea of dark waters full of so-called "whiners" (including myself from time to time), trolls, and negativity, I just felt like floating a small beacon of light, to remind you of why you made the game in the first place: the delight of the fans.

So, I'm just gonna leave this here for y'all.
Thank you!


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    I agree too! I have been playing for a long time now, since December 2015 I think and I have never really bothered with mobile ap games at all. This game had me hooked from the get go.

    I certainly complain and have ideas on the forums and I understand when people "whine" about certain things - they wouldn't bother getting upset if they did not love this game in the first place. All the complaints on these forums are born from total love of this game.

    There have been kinks to be ironed out along the way and that is normal for any new thing in life.

    I do believe that proper communication from EA and the Devs on the forums would go a long way to settle down a lot of those whiners and quite frankly a lot of ideas put forth from players on the forums is down right strange - but there are classic posts (often repeated time and again) that should be addressed.

    However, I understand that EA and the devs have put fourth a titan of an ap game for everyone to enjoy and I am sure they are very busy.

    We are all just hungry for what can be done next and are eager to see what cool new directions this game can turn to.

    Keep up the good work!!
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