Nightsisters any good?

I am pretty sure everybody thought about assembling a themed squad one time or another, but was held back by either the high amount of investment that is necessary in characters that wouldnt be worth a ****, if this didnt work out, or the lack of farmability of essential chars. Now this where the nightsisters come in. Talia and acolyth being farmable in cantina battles( one of the fastest ways to get shards), sister in galactic war(very fast as well), assajj in arena(reasonably fast), old daka in cantina shipments( probably slowest). So they it is exactly 5 of them with a relatively fair distribution on the farm locations. What are your thoughts on this? I have an a-team with almost fully upgraded sid, lumi, daka, poggle, luke and i am not necessarily looking to extend the roster of individually good chars but i am looking for good synergy. Would you recommend it? Of course i wont do anything until the update is released to see if there will be a better option.


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