A little suggestion to improve gear/character indicator

I'm not sure if anyone has suggested this here yet (I tried my best to scan at least a couple pages of posts), so, sorry if I'm ripping off anyone's idea, but i think some of you might like this.

The green dot on the gear icon indicates that at least one toon needs that piece on their current ring, if their level qualifies. But what it doesn't show is if a toon will need it on that ring but HASN'T reached the required level. This is important because, currently, if you don't see a dot, you may not attempt to farm that piece under the assumption that NO toon will need it, at least until after they upgrade. And it would be time consuming to research every toon for every gear all the time just in case.

My suggestion: add a yellow dot.

The system is already in place on the inventory screen, in the yellow/green pluses that indicate a piece is ready to craft; yellow meaning you CAN craft it, but can't equip it until you level up. A yellow dot would indicate that a toon could use it to craft a gear that they can't quite equip yet. When selected, the gear would show dimmed clickable portraits of the relevant toons. (The green dot, then, would show a mix of bright toons that can immediately equip and dimmed as described above.)

This is vital for two reasons. One, we often choose what battles to sim based on the gear that may drop, sometimes sacrificing higher credit/shard payouts to do so. This would eliminate unnecessary sacrifice. Two, with regard to the gear challenges, I don't know about other players, but I sometimes, for various reasons including time restraints and battles becoming mundane, choose to ignore a challenge if it currently offers no green dotted gear. Or, I'll autoplay a lower tier to farm a green dot and possibly ignore a more critical piece just because it's not dotted. This would help encourage more efficient farming.

So folks, what do you think? Sound like a good idea? I would think it would be relatively easy to implement, as the dot system already exists, and as I mentioned above, the pluses prove the distinction can be calculated. I would be thrilled to see this show up in a near future update.

And I won't even charge for the idea! Isn't that swell of me? B)


  • I know this is simply an efficiency request, but could you reformat the character screen to allow us to sort our characters by type/tag? I don't care about LS/DS sorting or have/not have. You let us sort MODs; please let us do this for character tags.

    Would make finding the characters I need to work on so much easier and allow me to stop confusing Stormtrooper for First Order Stormtrooper.
  • Weezy34
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    coule we please get a way to organize our character screen by character tag. So we can see only "scoundrel" toons, or o it "empire" toons?

    Would be really great to simplify the screen when thing to focus on certain groups.

  • If you have the mod challenge for that faction unlocked, you can look under required units and see your toons. Kind of a pain, but it works.
    It's a hard life pickin stones and pullin teats, but sure as gods got sandals, it beats fighting dudes with treasure trails....
  • Can't see factions that there are no challenges for though.... Would love to see more filter options.
    It's a hard life pickin stones and pullin teats, but sure as gods got sandals, it beats fighting dudes with treasure trails....
  • This would be helpful I think. Not only showing the toons we have for this tag but showing the ones we don't as well.
  • +1 for this feature please. You may be able to see it in mod challenges but you have to unlock these first so looking at someone at level 80 to do this.
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    Hello, can you guys add a new filter in the character area? I want to able to view my characters by class. For example, if I wanna see all my first order characters there should be a filter for selecting all those players.
  • Not to raise and old thread but I like this idea. I have had the same issue and would very much find a yellow dot (like the yellow cross on the character pages) helpful.
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  • Thank you. IMO, if any thread could be allowed a lil necro action, this one might count.
  • I agree. I was actually looking to see if something like this had been posted. Because I donate gear in the guild based on what the character I'm working on needs. I focus on one and get him/her as high as I can. and tend to donate anything else even if it can be used by another character. But I might have a piece that I don't need yet, that I got from raid or maybe a lucky drop somewhere. If I can't tell that I need that gear in a few levels I might donate it if it's being requested.

    Also if I can add something to this post. It would be nice if you could sort the characters based on the type. They have made a large emphasis on type(Jedi,Scoundrel,Rebel,FO,Jawa,Ewok,etc) or specialty(Tank,Attacker,Support,etc)
  • Also I'd like to be able to lock a particular gear that I've crafted but unable to equip because of character level, so that it couldn't be used on another toon. Or accidentally donated because it didn't show up as being needed by the green dot. I think if I craft a gear for a toon it should be possible to lock that piece to that toon until it's either equipped or unlocked so as to use it on another.
  • I like your suggestions. It seems the need for more detailed gear management has increased since the introduction of the gear donation feature. I believe that if we had the "yellow dot" feature, you'd find keeping track of which toon you wanted to apply a piece of gear to in the future would be easier.

    Also, I like the icon they assigned you. Looks a little like the Suicide Squad poster but with hearts instead of X's. Makes me think of Harley Quinn (sigh).
  • +1
  • +2
  • +1
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    I guess no one liked the idea.......
  • Bumpy bump bump @EA_Jesse
  • Yeah... Let's kick this back up top.
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