Phasma assist team

I have been recently looking on the forums and havent been able to find a post that specifically answers my questions so I thought I would lose my forum virginity and post my quiries.

I have a current team of:

Phasma (L) 4*
Lum 6*
Sid 6*
Dooku 4*
fives 4*

Currently holding a top 100 (just about) spot without refreshing

I feel that I would like to eventually replace Sid with someone that offers a tad more synergy. I wont replace him yet as hes my highest powered character but something to work towards.

I feel that kylo or Geo Soldier would be more benificial (when matching sids level etc) kylo due to FO (when working correctly) and the GS due to assist attacks and if hes triggered to attack instant CD of his special, as well as he hits like a truck and is fast, very fast.

I like fives but again not sure if hes worthy of a spot. I like the assist attack and his counter.

What would be the best team out of these 7 characters, should I replace both fives and sid? is geo better for this team than fives? kylo better than sid? etc etc.

your expert opinions will be greatfully received.

many thanks


  • My current team of Phasma, Kylo, Dooku, Sid, Lumi has been extremely successful. I gave it a whirl after seeing a reddit post about how frustrated a player was being unable to beat it despite a large difference in power level. Since switching over, I have moved from spiking into the top 10-20 to first place the last 5 out of 6 days. The team has good synergy, especially against jedi and healer teams. I've been spiking into first since my power level was ~16,500 against 7 star Qui Gon Jinn teams with 22k power.

    That line-up is easy to farm for, with the exception of Dooku. While continuing to farm him daily, I know he'll end up being at 4-5 stars for a very long time. While I'm sure he'll be a beast when he's 7 stars, he does prove to be squishy and is usually the first to die. I still cannot bring myself to bench him because of his incredible utility. Having the highest speed stat in the game with a chance to stun 1-2 people makes a critical difference in matches. If I can stun their Leia or FOTP, I know I have an excellent chance to be able to knock them out first round and win the match. If I stun 2 people, it's pretty much over.

    I had thought of replacing Dooku with Fives until he is 6 stars as Fives largely fills the same role. Did you see that datamined sheet with the new ships and characters? It lists their basic abilities as well. Fives was listed with an extra ability that isn't listed on, reddit, etc. In addition to causing speed down, he attacks an extra time if the enemy is already inflicted with speed down. This ups his synergy with Phasma in a very big way.

    After thinking about each person's place in the team, I've decided to try both and go with Phasma, Fives, Dooku, Kylo, Lumi. With that much single target DPS I'm not sure I need a long lasting healing immunity. Other than his regeneration, that's the reason Sid is on my team. You know what's better though? Having the AI controlled enemies AoE attack you and be decimated by up to five counter attacks (Kylo, 1-2 from Dooku, 1-2 from Fives). Sid should be swapped in for Jedi heavy teams of course.

    That covers my suggestions for the present and immediate future (post update). Past that I would say farm Dooku and FOTP shards daily, then gear. FOTP has incredible potential for our teams, but not until he's 5-6 stars I'm guessing. Eventually, months from now, I'll just go balls-out offense with Phasma, Fives, Dooku, Kylo, FOTP. That's the dream anyway. Good luck and feel free to ask questions if any of that was unclear!
  • Thanks for the reply.

    think i will have the same lineup with kylo replacing sid when they are of equal power. I might use Geo instead of fives see whos better within the team for a few days.

    Lots of cantina farming ahead

    I havent seen that datebase, do you happen to have a copy/link to it?

    That would bring fives back into the fold in a big way!
  • I pretty much will aim for the same build with phasma utilizing his ability is very important for the likes of dooku and kylo can beat p2w teams easily espicially jedi ones.
    Qui-Gon progress in cantina currently 4* gear lvl 7.

  • Your team comp is a textbook counter/assist team. What's not to like? Focus on levelling them up and they should serve you very well. Digressing now means you will have a bunch of 4/5-star heroes when your opponents are running a 6/7-star team. But yes, Kylo could potentially be a long-term replacement for Sid.
  • not digressing, the character replacments dont share the same resources as my main team. it was a "how to make this optimal in the future" post.
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