What could I have done against this team?

I am a lvl 49 with a four star team.

Chest 5 of gw was a lvl 52 with a 5 star line up

Kit fisto
Aayla secura
Qui gin jinn
Luminara unduli
Jedi consular

They literally hit me 6-7 times before I could do one move. Is there anything I could've done to stop them?


  • Ring
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    Send in your secondary team (basically any characters you have aside from your main 5) to take the brunt of their first attacks, which are usually AoE/DoT/debuffs. Try to do some damage, maybe even take out a character or two before you die, then send in your main team to mop up.
  • I actually face a similar team like this on arena, ended up 1 vs 3 against that team with sid, and just rekt them lol, they couldnt hit me to save their life.
    waahhh my character got nerfed! waaahhh everything is op nerf it! waaaaahhh I made the wrong character choices
  • Qeltar
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    No way to know without you telling us your characters.
    Quit 7/14/16. Best of luck to all of you.
  • My line up is all lvl 49

    Obi wan
    Darth sidious
    Luke skywalker

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