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Hello fellow Heroes,

I am looking for some help on how to proceed with my squad. Here is my current lineup I run in the arena:

Sid 7* (leader); Lumi 7*; JC 6*; Dooku 4*; Daka 4*(64/65 shards to 5*; will finish in DS-Battle)

After reading around the Forum a little bit this seems like the best team for me to farm for:

Phasma(leader); Fives; Kylo; (Slots 4 & 5 are tricky; I have seen a few combinations consisting of these 4: Sid, Lumi, Dooku, Daka)

For other Team-options I also heard FOTP, Poe, IG-86, Geo, Han and Luke, but these are either barely F2P or contradict my other farming goals.

As I said I am 100% F2P so my farming strategy looks like this:

Cantina: Kylo
Cantina-Ship: Fives
Arena-Ship: HK-47 (Don't really know what else to do here; Heard Han might be an option for my team?)
GW-Ship: Phasma

I am currently ranked Top 100 building towards top 50 and spending all my Crystals on new Energy. I usually win around 4/5 Arena-battles, but seem to lose on defense a lot, but who really knows. After learning that I can retreat I have been winning on GW every time :D.

Any help and new insights are greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :).


  • Metschina123
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    edited January 2016
    Stop farming HK, unless you're building a droid team. Farm 88 instead, 88 is great with Sid

    Get Poe instead of fives
  • Triqui
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    Fives is great with Phasma, I'd keep farming him.
  • Ok thank you for the responses! I guess I will farm 88 for now and stick with Fives. The other threads seem to prefer him as well.
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