Mod Inequity - Galatic War...

While the new Mods Features have the potential to be a lot of fun, their deployment has been a source of great frustration where the Galatic War is concerned. After spending months Leveling up to 80, Maxing out my characters, their abilities and accumulating equipment I have been able to field teams that are fairly competitive. I do alright in both the Squad arena and am able to complete the Galatic War, albeit with some effort, regularly.

After the Mod update I had to face a team in the final node that had somehow managed to already max all of their character mods. While I adore challenges, this team tore me up like I fielded a team of 1 star characters. This person must have paid hundreds of dollars to get this done, something I wouldn't do even if I could afford. The inequity in this pairing was so great that I had to hang it up after tossing my 3rd group of characters at them. Something needs to be done to correct this inequity in at least the Galactic War.

I realize EA is a business and these mods are going to make them a lot of money. Up until the mods those of us with little to no money could play and compete with some of the players willing to throw loads money into the game. While I do believe the mod inequity will eventually even out, it isn't fair to grant such and overwhelming advantage overnight to high paying players.

Hopefully EA will either adjust the algorithm that assigns teams to defend the Galactic War nodes or do something to limit the mod availability so the poorer or no-pay players maintain a chance to compete.


  • Agree!
  • Agreed. I saw a crazy fully modded level 80 7* star team at node 10 today. There was no chance of success. I hope the developers understand that there is a huge gap between "challenging" and impossible, and make some adjustments asap.
  • Agree.... lol. Just make it a bit more fair. Fix the algorithm...
  • I don't understand why they increased the difficulty of GW just before they released the mods
  • AGREED. 9th node wiped out every player I had and I didn't even pick off one of their players. Team was fully modded at a very high level.
  • Daemon91
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    Same problem with last node.
  • TomBom
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    This galactic war issue is really frustrating. Could someone explain this hard Feature at node 6, 9 and hardest ever 11 with (all) dooku lead and everytime rey. Last rey with increased health to 50k and Single attack about 20k. She crashes my whole Teams alone. But there were also QGJ and GeoS for extra attack with RG Stun. Do you mean it is funny to play this. There is "No Chance" to beat it without any fully geared mkV or mkVI.
  • +1. Last node GW. droid and jawa eng team wiped me. Ig88 hit me for 22k with basic attack and no buffs. Threw 4 teams and finally managed to kill 1 of the opponents toons
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