Update on Mods (and a Note About Getting Stuck in the Mod Tutorial)

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Hey Everyone,

Before we get too deep in this, we know there is a bug where players can get stuck doing the Mod Tutorial if you force-quit the game while in the middle of the tutorial. A fix for this is going out shortly (read: in a few hours or less). If you are encountering this issue, just unequip the Mod while in the tutorial process. This should get you back on track :smile:

Now about Mods:

I want to let you know that we are acutely aware of all of your feedback and concerns regarding the balance of the game. We are looking in to these concerns right now, and as such, we have all hands on deck working on two updates right now.

The first update, which should go out today, will be the first of two changes related to the Mods system. While today’s update won’t directly affect Mods themselves, it will reduce how many insignificant Mods you can receive and will ideally let you focus on getting the Mods you need with the substats that are important to the characters you’re upgrading.

The second update will actually affect the balance of the Mods themselves and how they impact your time invested in leveling your favorite characters. This one, unfortunately, is taking a little bit longer to prepare for release, so I do not have an ETA for when it will go out. The primary reason this one is taking longer is due to the fact that it is undergoing serious testing to ensure that there are no outlying anomalies (e.g. OH NO, UNDERWORLD POLICE IS NOW OP!). I know that this is frustrating, but please understand, we need to make sure we hammer on this one a little bit more.

I am in the process of crafting a more in-depth message on what exactly all the changes are and how they will affect you. I expect to have that up later today/tonight, but it was important to at least let you know that we hear you, we’ve identified some issues, and we’re working full-steam to correct them!

Today’s update will include all of the stuff from yesterday’s patch notes including the new characters (Chief Nebit, Jawa Scavenger, and Commander Cody) we showcased earlier.

Thank you so much for your patience.
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