In-Depth Mod Guide (in-the-making)

Here's the deal. I need help with making a Mod guide. Please help me by posting what you've figured out or questions.

Here's what we have so far (credit goes to player: Sparhawk)...

The dots supposedly represent rarity. You can currently only get 1-5 in rarity.

The colors represent ranks.
Gold (highest)
Grey (lowest)

Grey mods can become Gold by leveling them to LVL 12-15, but you can get a LVL 1 Gold mod. A LVL 1 Gold mod lays out every stat that it will have from the beginning (meaning you won't get more stats added on).

A Grey mod turns Green at LVL 3.
A Green mod turns Blue at LVL 6.
A Blue mod turns Purple at LVL 9.
A Purple mod turns Gold at LVL 12.
Lvl 15 gives a big bonus to one stat.

Green has 1 bonus stat, Blue has 2, Purple has 3, Gold has 4.

Letters represent the colors in a different format.

E-A are the letters (lowest to highest).
E is Grey.
A is Gold.

We aren't sure if they have any different meaning yet.

Again, please help make this guide more in-depth.


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