Mods Update II: What's Going Live First

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Hey Everyone,

First off, thank you for your patience while we work on getting everything updated for you. I know it’s not ideal, but regardless of what may be, it’s important to stress that we sincerely do appreciate it :)

Our release that was going tonight is needing a little bit more QA, so our QA teams are going to work on it overnight and we plan on releasing it in the morning, Pacific Time. We will keep you posted as the morning progresses!

Okay, so let’s dive right in! Before we get too in to the weeds, this update will not include anything about the actual changes to Mods themselves. The primary reason is that the updates we are working on are still being implemented and tested and will not be ready for a day or two.

I know that’s not what everyone wants to hear, but that’s where we stand for the moment.

That said, we have heard you—both good and bad. I do want to say that during the initial testing and balancing phases of these Mods, we received feedback very similar to your initial reaction, however, in almost every single case, once those players got past the “sticker shock” of the large numbers (so to speak), the feeling was that Mods really allowed for more variety in the game.

BUT! The only thing that matters, at the end of the day, is how it affects you and your enjoyment of the game. So with that, we’re hammering on some modifications to the mods. I will give you the full details of all of this as soon as they’re finalized and in the final QA pass.

So now the weeds!

Here’s what’s we have been working on all day today, related to Mods:

1. First time rewards for completing Mod Battles and Challenges
Just like it sounds, all our Mod Battles and Challenges will now give players a Mod that’s specific to that Battle or Challenge.

2. Updated Mod Leveling
We’ve flattened the level curve on Mod leveling, and in doing so, we’ve evened out the cost to level. Note that I did not say “reduced” the cost. All we did was take away the disparity we were seeing in investing in Mods. As it stood, there was too much variance in the leveling feature with the chances for a “lucky” roll. Now, Mod leveling has been made more consistent. You should now know exactly how much you will need to max upgrade a Mod. There still remains a very, very rare chance to get a “lucky” roll.

3. Reworked Mod Drops in Mod Battles and Mod Challenges
Battles will no longer just drop Mods 100% of the time. Instead the drop rate will be higher than Character Shards on an equivalent Squad Cantina node. Challenges will also drop at the higher rate.

4. Increased Credits When Selling Mods
So, to compensate for the changes to the Mod Battle drop rates, we’ve increase the amount of Credits you can sell 1-, 2-, and 3- star Mods for at the lower levels. Meanwhile, every Mod, irrespective of rarity, over level 10 will see a significant increase in sell cost after this update.

5. Cantina Energy Spent in Mod Battles Now Gives Cantina Currency Exactly Like Squad Cantina Battles
The Energy-to-Currency ratio is as follow:
  • 1- 2* Mods Battles: 10 Energy, 17 Cantina Currency
  • 3* Mods Battles: 10 Energy, 17 Cantina Currency
  • 4* Mods Battles: 12 Energy, 21 Cantina Currency
  • 5* Mods Battles: 16 Energy, 28 Cantina Currency

So that’s everything new and related to Mods that’s going in to the release for tomorrow.

Again, all of us here express our sincerest thanks for your patience and we genuinely appreciate your involvement in the game and the Community.
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