Guild Banks Coins Produced gone

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I should have 47-48K in my Guild Bank Coins Produced, as I've been a top producer since the guild began and am even an officer. Yesterday, after the update, I had zero. I know have 600 for yesterday's contribution.

Please return my contributions as soon as possible. I am a loyal customer and this is infuriating. It's been tough enough losing so many guild mates the past few days, now I can't even hold onto the things I produced.

Thank you.

Edited to add: I have been active since day 1/2 of raids, and have contributed 600 coins every single day since then. Haven't missed one day of full contributions (don't know if that's an accomplishment or depressing, you decide)
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  • This same thing is happening to my guild to. We have not received about 100,000 worth of guild money. We have an active guild team that completes the daily 600 requirements.

    Guild is there is no try do or do not
    I am an officer in the guild... Allie code 793 945 147.

    Please check this bug out so we can get the chance roper guild coin payout.

    Thank you!
  • Well, that answers that. All my guild mates now started at zero. Wiped the slate clean with updates I see.
  • I wish they would give us the coins we lost. For about a 1 week we only received 100 coins per 600 daily contribution.
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    Soy lider de un gremio y nos pasó lo mismo, todos aportan los 600 diarios y ayer se borró la cifra y al reiniciar actividades perdimos los aportes, arreglen eso!
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