Dear EA re my recent crystal purchases

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EA, please do not regard the 3,000 crystals and 3.5m credits I spent over the last two days as some indicator of success. Think of it more as the final outpouring of poop from a hanged man twitching on the rope.

At a glance, mods as implemented were terrible when they first showed up. I don't need to go over that again, since it has been done ten thousand times and your take away was to make mods harder to get: clearly, you do not listen.

Nevertheless, I'd recently purchased a vault and since you indicated Precrafting 2: Premodding was underway, I figured I should go ahead and drop all that crystal and credits while I could. So I did.

You know what? Mods are just as awful from the other side of the aisle. Great, my Rey is tanked up and powerful. So is my Savage. And my Phasma. And my Poe. And my Daka. And my Luke, my Akbar, my Ventress.... The effect of this is that I no longer need concern myself with tactics or strategy, I just need to mash some buttons willy-nilly.

As far as I'm concerned, I ruined all my toons when I modded them. They're basically all the same now. It's so boring. (In before "remove the mods, bro!")

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure your bean counters didn't think this sudden surge of spending was indicative of anything but the last screaming gasp of a guy who's pretty sad about all this, having built up an emotional attachment to the game and some of my guildmates. I had crystals to spend, so I spent them, and will spend the rest that I have, but unless the devs put some actual thought and QA into these mods they will be the last.


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    lol offtopic
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    Lovely, but all EA saw is $$$. Of course, with the insane number of people quitting, whoever thought of mods is probably fired.
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