Saving up Ally points?

Hei all.

So atm im sitting on around 6k Ally points as my plan has been to save them up for the upcoming patch. Do you think it will be possible to pull new characters/shards and new gear from them once the patch is live, do you think they might "nerf" it (remove possible 4* char chance). Or should i just spend them now? I finish GW every day and end up in top 5 Arena, so its not like i really NEED anything atm. Thoughts?


  • Telaan
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    Might as well save them then. The chances of pulling a JC shard will be just as good two weeks from now ;)
  • I was saving them up first but then I thought is it really that profitable of waiting? :p
    So I decided to spend them all again in the hope something which is usefull now drops.
    Not much except for IG88 which I got half shards from.
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