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I pretty much have my original team high enough for now that I'm hovering the 50-10 mark in arena. I just started unlocking my next set of characters and was wondering if it would be wise to try and unlock as many characters as I can so I have a wide range to choose from. I am aware that by spreading my resources I may lag behind on some players but I feel this way I might be able to come up with some different combinations.


  • The more characters you have, the harder will be to star them up (i mean pack characters, the ones that you farm not included here). Yes the more chars you have, the deeper you choice is, but at the later stage of the game, the most of your chars will fall, cuz most likely you would focus on 6-7 chars. It is always good to have more chars, but they need to be geared up, lvled up and stared up. In GW you will feel the difference, cuz you will need variety of toons there. I think you will be ok in the mid lvl with more toons, but at higher lvl i doubt it.
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    Having the wrong chars maxed is the biggest waste of resources in the game...make sure you really want any chars you grind up.
  • I have a solid five man team. The dev's say a new PVP system is coming. What does that mean? Will the same five characters work? Will you need something different? If they use something similar from the HODA pvp system then, your going to need many different characters and not just the five you currently rely on now.
  • I have a ton unlocked, and the point is true it is a grind to level them all up and takes resources. The thing is though it does give you options. Given the array I have available I have yet to cross paths with a team I could not build a squad to beat. So the plus is you have options, and GW is a great way to test new builds. I have a Phasma build I'm in the works on that honestly people would laugh at, but the synergy on it is testing nicely on my early runs.

    Me though I play the game to collect and try cool new things. Arena is ok, but fighting an AI controlled team and winning is not overly exciting as they really are easy to manipulate into doing as you want.

    Really need to think what it is that you want. I've taken the top several times, I've stayed top 10, but now I'm more into the testing, and fighting my way back up after letting my rank drop, that is fun.

    I warn you though it is a long grind once you unlock a ton. Going gear 6-7 on many requires an incredible amount of gear, some are even very needy 5-6.

    Good luck whichever way you go.
  • Don't know if most of you have several characters unlock but only 6or 7 of them maxed gear

    I choose to have wider range of selection so have 40 characters now, do enjoy different team combination even can't catch up with squad arena

    What do you guys choose?
  • I have been wanting to test a droid team and am in the process of unlocking poggle and hk 47. It's gonna take a while to level and gear them so they are usable but it will be a good change. Personally I'm tired of sid and lumi being everywhere
  • I currently level and gear up ,when possible, 13 characters. But focus on my main arena guys first. Should I drop that l number down ? I'm at lower levels so thought I'd keep dark and light side characters string for now.
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