• Exactly how I feel. Well put.
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    I was on vacation at the time of this mod update. Needless to say, I feel incredibly behind now and extremely disheartened. The people who were up to speed before the nerf to drop rates and the increased cost to level mods are now at an incredible advantage over those who weren't'; more so than the precrafting of now current raid gear. No way the lead dev can come out again and say it was some small number of people who took part in that update (debacle). The way they released this IMHO was atrocious.
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    A well thought out and eloquent post. However, I disagree with you on one point;
    Ok. Modded Teams destroy unmodded Teams. Guess what? Geared Teams destroy ungeared teams. Once everyone is the same level, it all evens out.

    This is true, IF people can catch up.

    Nerfing the drop rate and tripling the levelling cost (as you noted), combined with those of us who didn't jump on the mod train with both feet, means that some of us are also now behind on GW, which means we're also falling short of the resources we need to catch up, and will spend even greater efforts to do so piecemeal at that. Grinding out 5 dot mods, praying they level up in a way that's useful, etc.

    I'm not purely F2P, but I'm far from a whale either. With this update and the rapid bouncing back and forth we've had for a few days, I'm not sure I'll ever remotely catch up. I just got stomped at node 9, meaning I missed by far the juiciest nodes, and that was just a team with maybe half 4's and 5's against my mostly 1's and a few 2's.

    I expect my arena rank to tank, my ability to complete GW to be set back entirely (I have 136 completions, used to finish them for 4 or 5 weeks in a row before a team might stop me), now I'm supposed to be thankful for "improved rewards" but not be able to get enough to put me much further ahead than I was before.

    So I agree with your sentiments, but felt this one point kind of fell astray from the others. You're right that those of us behind are likely to get even further behind. At this point, honestly, I kind of think GW shouldn't even use mods, either entirely or just for the opposing team. If I could run into tough RG/Rey/Etc teams at node 11/12, but knew I could get an edge with mods, that'd be one thing.

    Running into a 5 dot Mod'd Rey who proceeds to one-shot everything she hits isn't remotely challenging or fun, it's probably the worst state of the game that has existed to this day.
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