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I Was a day late getting mods but got a hand full of mods before the recent update! now it is not 100 % guaranteed from challenges, My arena squad power is 41.5k ....(First time I actually spent on this game as I felt I had to pay to stand a chance to keep playing! )

I find this kind of unfair on everyone there will be no way of catching up really thinking about it 500k for 1 tier 5 mod to be completed This is exactly like the precraft issue if you disagree... you are deluded In my server I am currently Ranked 10th with 5 refreshes left I haven't moved in 12 hours + ... everyone rank 15 + all have low tier Mods maybe the odd 1 5 tier mod! on Each Toon this means there is going to be a massive Gap in arena (In my server anyway the difference between top 10 and top 20 is pretty big.

Also I went against a St han with 94 % I think Critical damage avoidance If this works on Rey imagine a 40k + hp Rey with 94 % Critical damage avoidance I barely hit The st han, My Gs/Phasma are hitting 20k + but only hit around 3-7k if They have that mod!

I Honestly think you did not Really think this through if I'm being honest I'm lucky as I got a hand full of mods.

500k for 1 tier 5 mod completed?
320 spent on mod challenges = only 3! 5 tier Mods- 3 tier mods = 1.5 million Credits.

I feel sorry for the people who are behind as if nothing Changes they will fall behind and will probably never catch up.

Cutting it short, you have basically made precrating version 2.

Just my imo.
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