Top 10 characters in the game! Your results are in!

First of all, thank you to all of the people that participated by voting on their top 5. It is my goal that this list provides some advice and general guidance for new ones, as well as satisfying the curiosity of everyone else who plays. Let's begin!
---1 Luminara Unduli 54 pts
Best heal skill in the game, powerful attack, decent speed and health. Arguably the top hero (-meanpride forums)
A must have really, especially with how easy she is to get. -TyloRen (forums)
I met this girl yesterday, her name's Luminara. I'd say things are getting pretty serious. (-A_Grimm_life/Grimmer reddit/forums)
---2 Princess Leia 42 pts
Leia wrecked my team! Brought so-and-so down to 0! (-many people forums reddit and people cursing in their homes)
---3 First order TIE Pilot 41pts
His HP reachest 10k maxed out, partly because he's gear lvl 8 compared to most at gear lvl 7 (-CynicalYetOptimistic reddit)
Strongest single target damage in the game. Enough said (-Kr4itok forums)
OP (-Elyndria forums)
---4 Captain Phasma 24pts
Great control abilities and turn-meter boost. Works as a leader with several builds (-Cpt_Dan forums)
Favorite leader ability, especially with heroes with assists like fives and bonus attacks like Dooku or Kit Fisto. (-shh_hut_yuh_muh forums)
---5 Darth Sidious 23 pts
Easy to farm/gear. Fits in almost any team as a leader. (-Cpt_Dan forums)
Awesome leader ability, strong attacks with benefits. Self healer and quick as @#$%. (-TyloRen forums)
---6 Qui-Gonna Jinn 21pts
---7 Rey 16pts
---8 Aayla Secura 13pts
---9 Old Ben 12pts
---10 Poe Dameron 10pts
---Honorable mentions- Poggle the Lesser, Lando Calrissian, Darth Vader, Count Dooku
Thanks again for everyone's opinions. Take it for what it is... opinions. If you don't agree, feel free to contribute next time I do this. If people find it useful or intersting, then I will plan on doing this again in a month or two, after some patches/releases. Peace!


  • Did you quote yourself?
  • Skye
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    pay2win wrote: »
    Did you quote yourself?

    Yes he did which I found rather amusing ;)
    Former crazy person of the guild "Shard Awakens"... *quit game 13th July 2016*

    Game used to be fun when it wasn't a grind... if I wanted a grind I would have went and played old school Everquest or some Korean MMO!
  • Grimmer
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    Just once. ;) was skipping her like an **** but got her yesterday and loving it
  • Grimmer wrote: »
    Just once. ;) was skipping her like an **** but got her yesterday and loving it

    Huh. The word id - i - ot is inappropriate I guess lol
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