Spreadsheet to keep track of character drop locations & stats

Recently reached Lvl 60 and love this game.
I'm really big on spreadsheets and made one using Google Drive to keep track of my characters' progress, and all the different drop locations, as well as several columns for stats in case you wanted to get THAT detailed.

Shared here for anyone else that likes spreadsheets, and planning out their characters' progression / unlocks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q6gciOw_gQx-1z3l9-PCzx0seunsRCj5XTJw9NCTTtU/edit?usp=sharing
(Just copy the spreadsheet to your own Google Drive to use it, since the above link is View Only)

How to Sort Google Drive Spreadsheets:
For anyone that doesn't use Google Sheets, here is a quick way to sort the data in any way you want:
1. Select the "Name" cell in the upper left corner of all the data by clicking on it.
2. While holding ctrl + shift, tap "right arrow" + "down arrow". This should select the entire table.
3. Go to Data -> Sort range... at the top.
4. Select "Data has header row". This will display the name of each column at the top.
5. Sort by any number of columns that you want (the names of each column should be fairly self-explanatory).

My Favorite Ways to Sort:
1. Sort activated characters as they do in-game: Activated? A->Z, Level Z -> A, Shards (Promote) Z -> A, Name A -> Z

2. Sort by drop location: Drop A->Z, Name A->Z

3. Sort by Side, and then by Main Stat, Unit Type (to find for instance all the Str Tanks, or all the Int Healers): Activated A->Z, Side A->Z, Main Stat A->Z, Unit Type A->Z

How I Organized the Spreadsheet:
1. Character Stats (Simple): First is simple stuff like Name, whether you've activated the character, gear / power level, Light vs Dark side, the character's "Main" stat (which stat provides that character's physical dmg), as well as some tags and shard tracking stats.
I like having these things be sortable because sometimes I want to find all the Jedi in the game and where to find them, or track which of my characters are closest to promotion / activation.

2. Drop Locations: Next I tabulated where each character's shard drops, and color-coded each character using the list below, with the assumption that characters were easiest to unlock/promote from shipments, then Squad Cantina / Hard battles, then data card drops (for F2P players anyway).
1a. Squad Cantina Shipments = orange, 1b. Squad Arena Shipments = silver, 1c. Galactic War Shipments = neon green, 2a. Squad Cantina Battles = magenta, 2b. Hard Battles = yellow, 3. Data Cards = purple
The colors above were chosen based on the currency or energy type used for each drop location type. The characters highlighted in purple for instance I would consider the most rare because the only location they can drop is from data cards (even if you do unlock them, they are that much harder to promote).

3. Character Stats (Detailed): This section might be more helpful for those characters that are already at max lvl (60 for now), since it would be rather tedious to update these stats each day for each of your activated characters (even though I've done it a few times just because I'm crazy...). The purpose for this section was to help with finding the character with the most crit, or the most health, or just the highest physical dmg, etc. I know there is a feature sort of like this in-game, but it's very limited in its options.

4. Current Objectives: Just a little reminder for myself what I want to purchase from each shipment location, or what I want to spend my energy on.

5. "Other" Tab: Some other things about the game that I tabulated for my own information. You can delete it or keep it for yourself. I was curious for instance how many of each unit type there was, and for which main stat, and for which side.

If you have any comments or trouble using the spreadsheet please let me know! It's just something that I personally found useful while playing, and was hoping it could help someone else.


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    If you're feeling really ambitious, how about a where used for all the gear in the game? The complex trees ought to really appeal to your OCD. ;)

    Just kidding, thanks, I'll check it out.
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    Haha thanks. I was thinking of adding a gear slots column, but that gets too complicated, plus the gear just comes out in the stats columns.
    Since making the spreadsheet I've discovered this website: http://www.swgohcantina.com/, which compiles a lot of what I would have wanted to see, but my spreadsheet was supposed to be more of tracking your personal progress.
    It was a personal project to help me keep track of everything, so maybe it'll help someone else get organized, cause there are quite a lot of heroes and drop locations to keep track of.
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    Dude you rock - stat junkies like me live for this kinda stuff.
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    Thank you! It's just my second day playing and I still feel a bit lost. This helps immensely :)
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    Hello again!
    For anyone that still cares, I have updated the spreadsheet with new characters and data shard locations as of today (3/23/16).
    Each character's name is color coded to represent what I think is the best location to obtain character shards for that character (shipments > battles > data cards).
    I've also made a few new columns to calculate what I think are reasonable "obtainability" scores. Basically I gave each character shard location a score, and calculated the total value:
    Shipments: 10 "points" per location (usually only one type of shipment is available per character)
    Cantina Battles: 4 per location
    Hard Battles: 1 per location
    Data Cards: 0.5, since you can get every character through this option, but unless you're spending a lot of $$$ on this game, this is a very limited option for obtaining character shards.
    Special Events: 0, only obtainable for a limited time, or through long hours of play (i.e. Darth Vader)
    I then tallied up these scores in a column called "Obtainability", so you can see which characters are the most easily promotable.
    Let me know if that makes sense and if you have any other suggestions for clarity, thanks!

    P.S. I took a break from this game but getting back into it. Still working on getting to Lvl 70!
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