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    This is the most laughable thing I have ever read.
    GW can open for a player in a week of playing, good luck if you want to do well.
    It's P2W unless you want to spend 3 months grinding gear.
    EA have no idea how to make a level playing field, all EA is after is the dollars from competitive, compulsive players who are happy to buy the advantage.
    Don't listen to peeps saying they are F2P and owning this game, that's bull.
    An example , for me to grind one piece of level 6 gear requires 31 mats, do you know ho many days it will take to grind that out as F2P?..... Mega, now times that by 5 toons X 6 slots each..... And every fight has random chance to drop what you want = lol
    A P2W can just top up on crystals, buy energy, buy packs.
    F2P you ar just cannon fodder so the P2W can get their tokens.
    Suck it up or get out your credit card.
    Anyone who things I am not telling the truth here is in denial or working for EA.

    Again - couldn't disagree more. I have completed every GW since my first 2 days after I first opened it up. I've only been playing the game for roughly 2 months (since a little after full release) and I have several 7* characters - all level 7 gear - again without spending any money since the $5 purchase when I first downloaded the app. If you do your dailies it will give you some of the purple items you need for gear (such as Mk IV keyboards), and the shipments will frequently give you others that you currently need, or will soon, which helps a lot with the grinding. I have never refreshed a shipment with crystals, or any energy or missions for that matter either. I have spent only the crystals I've earned in game from dailies and arena / gw rewards - which I've spent on packs simply because I like the chance of pulling something good.

    Not sure why you're out trolling or EA bashing, but it gets old. This game is extremely friendly to F2P players if you follow simple strategies and do your daily missions / GW / arena.

    Get real man.....
    GW is ful, or P2W players.
    Maybe your level is low or something because at level 45 I can't get past the 6th chest before I run into purple geared Dooku, Bariss purple geared 5 stars etc, it's ridiculous.
    I spent $120 thinking it would help and I got nothing, no new toons, just shards for toilet paper toons obviously those with more dosh get better stuff.
    This game is a joke.
    P2W owns hard here.
    Extremely F2P friendly? Really? Till what, level 40?
    Then look at the grindage for gear etc, you can't even compete in GW or PVP now it's so full of P2W with Landos, purple geared Dooku, Barriss etc etc.
    F2P take many weeks to months for an even playing field.

  • really disappointed by the recent changes. I was finally getting. Better, I listened to some of your guys strategy and things were falling into place. I had completed four in a row since I made my last posting. Now all of the strategy has been taken out of gw, it's so frustrating and now I don't even feel like this is an improvement.
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