DoE (Defenders of Endor) 211 Million GP, 45* LS 47* DS, Recruiting (47/50)

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Looking for 3 after TB

Join DoE - Defenders of Endor- Heroic (T7) Sith raid, heroic tank raid, and Heroic (T7) rancor raid guild is Now Recruiting! Join the original and best guild dedicated to Ewoks. We are casual hardcore- get 600 every day and participate is all we ask. So, if you want a high-quality guild without being told how or when to play and no threats to cut based on roster comparisons or made up spreadsheet formulas, join DoE. Low stress and high rewards!


Very active international guild currently running T7 rancor and heroic tank raids. We are a very fun and friendly guild with a mix of whales, FTP, guppies and one obese dolphin.

DoE is a top 100 guild with members who vary from number 1 on their arena server to top 300 (average 44.7). We are very active on Discord and discuss SWGOH strategy, toons, and any other issues guild members want to discuss, whether it be your awesome Lego collection, music, movies, your job, or your upcoming arranged marriage (yes, we actually discussed this) ;-)

Looking for players who are active daily who have a minimum of 3.5 million GP higher and at least one 3* Ewok.

We require a daily 600 raid tickets or prior notice if you cannot do your daily (we have alt accounts that can cover guild members for vacations, work, etc and we understand that sometimes RL happens). Multiple misses without prior notice will result in removal from the guild.

We use the in-game auto launcher for all raids, so raids will launch at the posted times whenever there are enough raid tickets to launch (i.e. no set days for any raids)

Sith raid details:
HSith rotates between opening at 20 UTC (3PM EST) and 3 UTC (10PM EST) for a 24 hour join period and is run as a free for all.

Tank raid details (All times are Eastern US time!):

HAAT is automatically opened at 19 UTC (2PM EST) for a 24 hour join period and has a 10 minute hold on solos.

Rancor raid details:
Rancor Heroic Tier is on sim. 24 hour join period before it sims.

If interested, PM or Discord message:

Discord ID:
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