This is a message to any guild member that belongs to the guild " He will bring balance"

Leader Order66
Officer Combatatacus
Officer Pakaerison
And me Former Officer Wildhearthero

My Brothers in arms, I regret to inform you that I am unable and will no longer be able to aid thee in Star wars Galaxy of Heroes, and as such I am also unable to contact any of you properly in our guild for the fact that I can't even log on to my Account. I will explain why.

Three days ago on 7/14/2016 at 10 pm Central time. I was going to login to start a rancor match for the guild. However after twenty minutes of trying I was unable to login. Even after updating my bluestacks and talking to customer support I was still unable to log in. Even after re-uploading everything I was still unable to get the game going.

I know not what happen nor will I ever know, but I couldn't leave you my Guild, my Brothers in arms left hanging. So I write this Form so that maybe one day soon a guild member or officer will find this message and relay it to the others.

I want you guys to know that it was a honor and privilege to fight beside you guys, and even though I will not be able to lend you my support. I hope and pray that some day we will meet again.

Order 66 you truly are a great leader and I thank you for accepting me in your guild it was a honor to fight for you and our guild.

Officer Combatatacus second in command. It was a honor to fight beside you and you truly are a good officer and a great friend. Our leader Order 66 made a wise choice making you second in command. You kept the guild together while he was a way, and you kept us pushing forward so that one day we would face lv 5 Rancor. I will never get that chance to face him but when your guys do get some for me too. Ok : )

Officer Pakaerison third in command. It was a honor competing with you in the daily challenges and who could do the most damage to the Rancor. I will never be able to challenge you again, but I hope you will never forget me as your greatest challenge. I promise you. You will never find another one like me : )

To my other brothers and possible sisters in the guild I wish you luck and I hope you keep getting better at the game. Stay strong and work together always.

This is Former Officer Wildhearthero fourth in command of the guild " He will bring balance" signing off. 7/17/2016 12:37 am Central Time.

P.s if any of you guys find this message or if any other member is kind enough to find one of you. I vote that the next guild member to take my place as fourth in command should be Guild member REDCOATS. He has proven his worth in my book and I think would make a perfect replacement.

Hope you guys agree and I hope this message find you soon.

May the Force be with you all.


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