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Long overdue it is finally here! An Ewok Arena guide that has great potential...we think. Please excuse the link to our site it allows for better formatting we like to have, sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully this guide will inspire you, or at least give you a few chuckles. Thanks from all of us here at Team Instinct for checking out our new guide!


!EDIT! This may or may not have been moved to our guild's members only section. Please apply to join us if you would like to view the article, sorry about that.
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  • This is what I have been waiting for. The ultimate start wars team!
  • Vomiting wrote: »
    This is what I have been waiting for. The ultimate start wars team!

    Thanks Vomitting! Honestly Ewoks were a tough cookie to crack since all of them are fairly below average individually. Having them all be together and still have a good chance at winning arena was quite the challenge haha.
  • ewok power :)
  • Old Ben has to be what lvl 70 so his "If You Strike Me Down" can get to lvl 7. So when he dies to aoe all your ewoks should be dead anyway.
  • Skye
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    The only problem with Obi-Wan is I wish he could actually taunt so he forces players to attack him if they can't debuff him... Cause his unique ability is kinda wasted without it... Most players will probably just leave him til last.. as he doesn't do a huge amount of damage... Although his debuff is annoying... most people can live through it. especially as it has a huge cooldown now...

    But if they were forced to attack him cause of a taunt.. his unique ability goes from being Meh.. to being rather good
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  • Nice guide
  • the link is broke
  • Dead link. Need me to take a look at your wordpress setup? It has killed a few links for you recently.
  • You're on my server nice to meet ya!
  • Kevz57 wrote: »
    You're on my server nice to meet ya!

    Hi Kev! I don't think you will have to worry about my ewok team any time soon though :)
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